People getting scared!

Random people getting scared at random things! 0-0.

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Added on: February 14th, 2015

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  1. By: вєиʝαмιи нιяѕн

    Really the last one at the end didn’t even scare me

  2. By: annie nguyen

    Y is there a guy naked

  3. By: agelem

    12:23 no. 1 rule in self defense – scream and lie down on the floor

  4. By: ender rocky


  5. By: CHEF-MonGO^ Sjø

    nice scare at the end. did not suptrise me because i expected it cus its
    always at the end of these kind of videos xd

  6. By: Christian Connolly

    Was the last picture supposed to be a jumpscare? wtf nope

  7. By: tabitha ostenberg


  8. By: Hetalia And MLP Mare

    Panda’s are love, Panda’s are life.

  9. By: Booe-Daa

    Is the last one supposed to scare us? Oh

  10. By: Droxx99

    Hello, i’m the original Editor of this Video! I see you have upload this
    without ask me before. Last Year i have deleted all my Uploads, so it’s ok
    if you have it here. But its better you ask a Person in the Future. I have
    ask the Componist and some Autors, too.

    And next Time better Quality. I have this Video in HD uploaded before. 😀


    P.S: The people love the Panda all the Time! lol

  11. By: Clarissa Plenkov


  12. By: AlexanderGaddy1121

    The stupid fucking airhorn pranks kill the whole video.

  13. By: Wayne Colon

    The second video was me when I was like 2 or 3 living in Florida

  14. By: Fred Sanhc

    That was a failed attempt at trying to scare me at the end just sayin :=)

  15. By: Benny Lockhart

    The stupid music just makes it that much funnier. And Damn those air horns
    never get old

  16. By: William Luther

    The stupidity and inferiority of this uploader is what makes this video
    much amusing.

  17. By: Xadow Monzter

    Oh man, that panda getting scared !!! PRICELESS kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk….

  18. By: S.A.O otaku unique

    Am I the only one who found this video a bit HORNy (^_^) 

  19. By: thisisjec

    Nice try, the last pic didnt scare me.

  20. By: TheNinjaKiller

    0.04 Thats not a person, its a panda. 

  21. By: Michael Clark

    PEOPLE GETTING SCARED *clicks* 1st video panda :I

  22. By: Grey Thomson

    1:45 is he dead or just really scared


    Has anyone noticed how the vast majority of the pranks were by men? As a
    middle aged guy I never get tired if these kind of things, or anything to
    do with Farting! Just sayin that’s all!

  24. By: Limane Boukar Limane

    3:21 he though it was terrorist

  25. By: YoloStyles Msp

    Who Eles got scared at the jump scare at the end even if it was the worst
    one ever?

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