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In this cute and funny clip from AFV, a proud big sister can’t help but shed a few tears after seeing her baby brother stand for the first time! SUBSCRIBE: Want…

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Added on: April 14th, 2015

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  1. By: Co⊙zeB○Yz

    1 year later, she’ll be pushing him down!

  2. By: KiRK LaZaRuS

    Chaplan is the man..

  3. By: TheVictory44

    Awwww! Sweet! 

  4. By: Cory Sennett

    Chaplan just strolls in like, “Sup yo”

  5. By: Omar Abdulhadi

    isn’t she the same girl that was crying cuz she does not want her brother
    to grow up?? and am I wrong but should not she be saying “stood” instead of
    “standed”and “himself” instead of “hisself”

  6. By: Karen Devine

    “Chaplan wiped his own ass….without us helping him!!!!!!” * cries *

  7. By: ACcuberSam

    Aww this is the sweetest video today!!! Imagine 18 years from now when he
    graduates from high school, if that she remains compassionate for him!!!
    She’ll have this video to show him how proud she is and how far he has
    come!!! I wish she were my sister!!!

  8. By: tulllguy

    not funny at all, just a tad cute. How the heck did this win? There were
    tons better than this vid.

  9. By: BjarkeDuDe

    Why don’t people react like this when I stand up by myself?

  10. By: azn310


    *yes im from 9gag*

  11. By: Oskar Friis

    “My baby”
    That’s an young age

  12. By: Prank Files


  13. By: Zainab Rehman

    “Standed” up

  14. By: متصفح عادي


  15. By: fraziermae


  16. By: Ernesto Brooks

    Fuck, already prepared to manipulate a man with those crocodile tears

  17. By: Awesome EMILY!!!!!!!

    This is so dang cute 

  18. By: Rube Pena

  19. By: Kaylyn Quan

    My baby boy standed up

  20. By: Randi Crisostomo

    Does any one else think that that little girls is acting as if it is her

  21. By: The1andonlyAbber

    I think it’s funny how the mom seems to care more about the sister’s
    reaction than the fact that the baby stood up for the first time.

  22. By: DiamondKnightHD

    That looks waaaaayyyyy too fake…

  23. By: Dream4Cast

    Aww how cute… shoot when my brother stood up by himself… all i said
    was… oh jesus lordy lordy hallelujah!!!! LMAO!

  24. By: Tyysunn

    Standed…… •^•

  25. By: mommyfloNbabytep


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