Ram v. Dog

bloody bully dog gets his own.

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Category: AFV Animals

Added on: November 24th, 2014

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  1. By: Adamuserelius2

    Ha ha that was awesome!!

  2. By: RamtasticDCFC

    im a derby fan (the rams) an i wer born on the year of the sheep lol i love
    that video gd old rammie showin the mutt whos boss! lmao

  3. By: caitlmac1

    roflmao, that ram wont take shit from nobody

  4. By: thatjamicanguy

    haha true gangster, classic stuff right there

  5. By: Chenginerd Sama

    “Do a barrel roll!”

  6. By: MuhMuhMamaLuigi


  7. By: crazyviolent69


  8. By: TrillionGrams

    Press Z or R twice

  9. By: sapher2020


  10. By: Maurbel

    That dog deserved it. The ram was being civil and willing to share. But the
    dog was a cunt.

  11. By: Moomoothecow2123

    That is so true.

  12. By: ImmortalDestructor

    Never fuck with a goat!!

  13. By: plzletmelive1

    press z or r twice

  14. By: Banditstar132

    the goat kicked ass

  15. By: TaTiska

    ROFL Actually they’re sheep, not goats.

  16. By: bobbykirsche

    hell ya, dont piss off an aries

  17. By: SupermarketsRevil

    DO A BAR…aww fuck it.

  18. By: TrillionGrams

    @jordnrob It’s how you do a barrel roll in Star Fox

  19. By: Bukanas

    Nice perfil imaje

  20. By: Cameron Morris

    a big jack russle i think 😀

  21. By: wick liovan

    Very nice- ram? Is it.

  22. By: WorshipInTruth

    @alexw7042 Idiot.

  23. By: Sandra Fowler

    Showed him, didn’t he?

  24. By: CaptainRiterraSmith

    Dog used Growl. It’s not very effective.
    Ram used Headbutt. It’s super effective!

  25. By: MusicOfAdam

    “I tried to be nice…”

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