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Added on: July 19th, 2014

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  1. By: for1blogger

    its verry funny thanks

  2. By: NickyMicky3

    It’s that fact that he laughs before doing it

  3. By: E.D. Braynen

    awww this is cute and funny! you know, he sorta looks like my brother when
    HE was a baby…

  4. By: Daphne Wilson

    hehehehe….im serious!

  5. By: dandan6365

    hes gangsta

  6. By: longlivelorrie

    so so so so so very funny

  7. By: juanguy34

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah omg thats so funny

  8. By: 2Iluvmi

    I hope I have a cute babe like him one day

  9. By: BamWowzrs

    LOL that’s the face that says “dont touch my ice cream bitch” XD

  10. By: Katie Chandler

    I guess ice cream is a serious subject…

  11. By: marco varela

    @AQWBadji hahaha thats true

  12. By: XxChitoPowerxX


  13. By: Kristi Whitmarsh

    “give them the evil look” “haha” O_O

  14. By: lalfnewht

    very funny

  15. By: Debby Stuart

    Aww, too cute! Scary.. But cute!

  16. By: Jaz zy

    That’s cute as hell then I had to ask myself why does that baby have a
    whole drumstick? I Ô.ó lucky kid I had to wait till I was 6 to have a whole

  17. By: Cindy Love

    Ohhh My Goshh I Laughh So Hard !!!! Lmfaoooo This Baby Is Toooooo Funny :’D

  18. By: Sara Nicole

    so cute

  19. By: PinkAssassin23

    Omg soo cute

  20. By: megapikachurock chuu

    8) cool and cute

  21. By: xThewantedx

    omg u frikin serious its a girl !!!!!!

  22. By: LadyLovelyLoving

    Ahahaha too Funny first he laughs and than that Face Ahahahahaha CUTE

  23. By: Lindseyj1224


  24. By: Logan Becraft

    this is so funny:)lol

  25. By: dashay coleman

    Hahaha dats da cutest baby ever

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