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Submited by: crewman6

Category: Pranks and Jokes

Added on: October 29th, 2014

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  1. By: Frank Montiel

    Sexy videos to laugh for

  2. By: Julia Jordan

    Buen día…un poco de humor!!!

  3. By: Martin Suba

    Haha nektere dobre bomby

  4. By: Hard Martin



    You f-king apes with hair on the head!
    We despises you precious.

  6. By: WarriorCatsOhYeah

    is it just me or does the guy at 16:10 look like hairy potter

  7. By: Syed hakimi Syed abdullah

    1:55 So cute.. :P

  8. By: Stunnzu

    wait wtf?? 14million views in this video, but 8million people in the
    world??? how?!

  9. By: Nvhl34

    What is that guy doing at 9:41?

  10. By: YesYou123333

    Imagine if they did a gay gag like @4:06 in the US? They would make the
    owner of the station who aired this sell his station at auction.

  11. By: José Luis Vilar González

    Compartiendo humor me despido hasta mañana


    they blueballed them so hard at 20 mins… cruel

  13. By: Manish Agarwal

    Men 😛 

  14. By: iDerekMC

    17:59 yes use your powers xD

  15. By: ThorgalsWalhalla

    the officer looks like plastic

  16. By: Китай Г.

    народ, смотрите, что я наснимал))

  17. By: Mr. Ontological

    I’m starting to wonder whether Just for Laughs is funded by the Canadian
    immigration dept. lol

  18. By: PatrickJGamboa

    only in mtl ;)

  19. By: Meshal Alhussaini

    what’s the music 1:38

  20. By: ilexcorp

    Stolen, dislike + report

  21. By: ROSy

    was the guy was actually sad that the girl left at 8:21 ? awww xD

  22. By: Janis Alutins

    Earn in a way like never before!

  23. By: said abdullahi

    Best comedy show on the

  24. By: Tong Rui En

    Someone can watch this like 2 times

  25. By: Juz_me_ahemed

    omg !! best ever..loved it so much

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