Sexy Mascot

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Submited by: crewman6

Category: Pranks and Jokes

Added on: February 16th, 2015

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  1. By: Vladyslav Trofimov

    This is very dangerous prank because…

  2. By: Pharmit24

    Yes! Yes! Yes!

  3. By: F4naTIX


  4. By: Gust Gost

    This video just objectifies women as objects for a mans pleasure, I am
    therefore reporting it. I’m disappointed Just for Laughs 

  5. By: ZobsterZombie

    This video promotes violence towards women so I am therefore reporting it.
    It also promotes rape culture. I’m disappointed Just For Laughs. 

  6. By: Jason Matthew

    I’d tap dat ass all day everyday

  7. By: Mr Nice Guy

    I clicked my ear. Nothing happened.

  8. By: terratec1001

    The guy between 0:11~0:13 is good looking.

    Those guys reaction are hilarious, esp. him at 1:14 haha

  9. By: john ali

    I’d fuck her ass so hard that i’ll be sentenced to jail for life 

  10. By: Torbax

    These comments…again… JFL could you please just turn off the comments?!
    Just make it so no one can comment on the channel for like a month or

  11. By: Goomba tastic

    This video just objectifies rabbits as objects for a mans pleasure, I am
    therefore reporting it. I’m disappointed Just for Laughs

  12. By: rodolfo morandi

    I’m so glad that you choose a NORMAL & SEXY BODY for the prank, not the
    usual THIN & UGLY BODY that use everybody in commercials!

  13. By: CloudchaserShaconag

    Realistically, fursuits are hot and so fursuiters are wearing very little
    under their suit

  14. By: Altruistic

    Let’s play ‘guess her name’.. Who wants to start first? 

  15. By: Just For Laughs Gags

    NEW PRANK! Step aside Nicki Minaj! We’ve got a model here that’s got twice
    the curves you’ve got! And other than being a bunny, she also has a

  16. By: Kevin Nelson

    This was funny

    Sexy Mascot:

  17. By: maha77

    If I wanted this type of wanton vulgarity I would have went to xtube. I am
    calling the Pope

  18. By: Gary McCaffrey

    nice big butt.

  19. By: Basery94

    Day 35 and I’m still looking for the ‘sexy’ part in ‘sexy mascot’

  20. By: tenzmoon

    Lol the transsexual was a nice twist to the prank. I was having a really
    bummed out night, this brought my spirits back to normal. Funny prank as
    usual. Keep them coming 

  21. By: Agarra Mela

    Now this is a prank!! Not that “in the hood” type of shit! 

  22. By: Drexler

    Holy shit her body is curvy and on point, so hot. Curvy girls are so

  23. By: Jim Hiatt

    WOW she is gorgeous

  24. By: ghostmanual

    Super Troopers cop Mother of God.gif

  25. By: Elda Pitiano

    fuckin hot asss 

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