Small Puppy Protects Food Bowl VS Big Dog (Who´s The Winner?)

A tiny dog protects his food bowl avoiding a big dog eating from it. Very funny situation to see how this brave puppy fights for his meal. PLEASE LIKE, COMME…

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Added on: November 28th, 2014

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  1. By: Amaiur Alcantara

    Chiquito pero matón! ;-)

  2. By: Amaiur Alcantara

    This puppy is more dangerous than a Doberman!!

  3. By: Amaiur Alcantara

    Pequeño pero respondón!! ;-))

  4. By: Amaiur Alcantara

    Hahaha small puppy scares a big dog!!

  5. By: crystalwolf2006

    Sorry, can’t say that I find it amusing in the least. This is going to lead
    to the chihuahua’s death one way or another. He’ll either get mauled when
    the blue heeler has had enough of it or being he got away with it with the
    other dog, bite a human, probably a child and be put to sleep because he’s
    ‘dangerous’. That behavior could have been corrected. Instead it’s thought
    of as ‘funny’ because it’s a small dog. You’d be surprised what damage a
    small dog can do, especially to a child’s face. Small dogs are no different
    than big, they all need proper training.

  6. By: Amaiur Alcantara

  7. By: Amaiur Alcantara

  8. By: Amaiur Alcantara

  9. By: Amaiur Alcantara

    El perro pequeño le asusta al grande

  10. By: Amaiur Alcantara

    Pequeño pero fiero como un leon ;-)

  11. By: Shantell Norwood

    To the people taking this too seriously shut the hell up 

  12. By: jojo sims


  13. By: Lula Inwonderland

    So cute now but you better work on this now before the puppy grows up. 

  14. By: jon gros


  15. By: Jidoes13

    Er that might look ‘Cute’ but that is REALLY bad behaviour for a dog to
    have. You shouldn’t be letting that dog do that at all. It’s food
    aggression which is bad as they won’t differentiate between dog, or person
    and will bite anything that tries getting near their food or toys. Shelter
    dogs who show this type of behaviour are normally euthanized because it’s
    dangerous to adopt them out. Just hope you don’t have children because if
    they tried to take a toy or something off that dog they will get really
    badly bitten. Train it out of them while they are still young and they
    don’t get set in their ways!

  16. By: Sarah Joyce

    You’re an idiot for letting this happen. If you let this happen on a
    regular basic, you’re the type of dog owner that gives the rest a bad name.

  17. By: hervue59

    The puppy like my food 

  18. By: William Olsen

    The Blue Heeler thinks this is is a game and that part of it is pretty
    funny. The puppy, though, not so much. Letting food aggression go like
    this is not the best idea. The adult dog, though seems well adjusted and
    fortunately I think will teach the youngster it’s place soon enough. It’s
    OK to let dogs teach each other, I think.

  19. By: Chris Ciszynski

    I could watch 5 hours of this…

  20. By: GreenSteele111

    Sounds like the puppy’s saying, “Away! Away!”

  21. By: Daniel Bartl

    Sharing is caring II … that’s more like it +Draško Kokić ;)

  22. By: James Buckley

    Awful way to teach a dog. Eventually one will get hurt.

  23. By: Don Adams

    This is a cute and amusing video. Some dogs ignore size differences when it
    comes to getting food.

  24. By: Andreas Hörnfeldt

    That isn’t cute. how irresponsible not to seperate the dogs and let the
    little one eat alone. The owners of this video should be asshamed. Cause
    you should not have dogs if you think this is “cute”. The little one wants
    to eat and the big one don’t respect the little one. And the filmer is
    thinkin this is cute. Stupid people.

  25. By: Deanna Groshong

    Yeah, food aggression is so adorable. Stop. Encouraging. Bad. Behavior!

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