Stuffed Dog Attacks Real Dog

Don’t miss another Gag – Subscribe!: We got tired of pranking plain-old humans, so we’re going after canines! They have much better reactions than their owners anyway….

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Category: Pranks and Jokes

Added on: September 1st, 2014

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  1. By: chea resan


  2. By: Oh yeah

    I love dogs they’re way more adorable than cats.

  3. By: -FAST3R

    Ofcourse it has to be a black dog who run away with the bone

  4. By: Laika98Butterfly

    Thats not funny

  5. By: Joey28P

    Of course the black dog steals the bone…

    *pls hate on me*

  6. By: Smiling More

    Did you let the dogs know that it was only a prank in the end?

  7. By: geezilikecheez

    why aret any of these dogs on leashes

  8. By: Jon Doe

    You guys should try this with lions. That would be hilarious!

  9. By: Duh Enlightened One

    Do the dogs have to sign release forms for their image to appear in the

  10. By: emuwithrabies

    american dogs would be suing for emotional distress lol.

  11. By: Hjalmar Nyman

    Just for laughs is fake! It’s actors, I’m not even gonna give this fake
    video one view 

  12. By: Prank Files

    The dog is fake!

  13. By: Random Commentor

    If you look closely at the dog with the bone you could see its fake. Unsub!

  14. By: Just For Laughs Gags

    NEW ‪PRANK‬! So today decided we were NOT going to prank human beings! Why
    prank people when you can prank ‪animals‬? They fall for it so much better!

  15. By: Luis f

    Of course the nigger dog steals the bone. Fucken niggers 

  16. By: Kaptain Kek

    As the le reddit army has arrived, kindly change “dog” to “doge” out of
    respect to the le Internet masterrace, thank you


  17. By: Saul Beck

    Any Reddit army here?

  18. By: Theodore Tremilian

    As a professional Redditor, I would like to donate some doge coins! xD (its
    a Reddit thing)


  19. By: Packfoundev

    pretty sure dogs knew it was fake dog, Don’t they smell each others buts or
    something to tell what they eat and their sex?

  20. By: James Bond


  21. By: Jorgensen Penus

    This prank is fake and gay. They hired dog actors for the reactions. Any
    half intelligent dog can see that’s a stuffed toy.

  22. By: Brian Barbanida

    they prank dogs now.. whats next? worms?? :)

  23. By: Franz Sadjak

    Stoffhund verteidigt Knochen vor richtigen Hunden! Wahnsinnig witzig,
    lustig, komisch, kurzios!

    Kurz gesagt: UNBEGINDT ANSEHEN!!!!!

  24. By: Saiko Shiroto

    I don’t like people to say cats are stupid.


  25. By: wolves heart

    Well the last dog won the bone XD

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