T.V. Bloopers – Rescued From the Cutting Room Floor!

T.V. Bloopers is a compilation of some of the funniest outakes ever assembled. Most of the scenes in this video have never been seen before. Good, clean fun …

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Added on: July 17th, 2014

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  1. By: Ryan Bomar

    Good Reply!

  2. By: chodeshadar18

    13:30. Cap’n Binghamton gettin’ down!

  3. By: Doug Garrison

    awesome. Never before seen happy days bloopers

  4. By: Venom101002

    The “pieing” was a juvenile act by two morons who weren’t intelligent
    enough to discuss their viewpoint in an intellectual manor. I believe in
    equal rights, but that kind of behavior only feeds the opposition. People
    who assault others because their views are different than yours, are
    nothing but classless idiots.

  5. By: Perktube1

    My fav is the scene of shoveling coal into the Enterprise’s engines. =o)

  6. By: Goofy Goof

    0:00 to 0:26 has the best blooper on the whole video.

  7. By: Michael Chiaravalle

    Great reply Mike….

  8. By: Rachel Johnson

    Gary and Alan on MASH . . . freakin love it

  9. By: marioriospinot


  10. By: Will Balogh

    Which country?

  11. By: YouzTube99

    Terrific compilation, but not so sure about “Good, clean fun for the whole
    family.” There are a lot of “$hits” throughout and some folks prefer not to
    have their kids hear that.

  12. By: jameyinegypt

    00:53 HAHA!!!

  13. By: John Maynard

    Especially liked the Star Trek Bloopers

  14. By: Skippy Doo

    I used to have this video (from the now defunct “Good times” Video
    company); loaned it to some schlub who had the good graces to NEVER to
    return it. Funny stuff…love the flubs… mostly comical…except when you
    see actors get nasty when another actor muffs his line. Then, the
    egotistical rants parade about. Kind of sucks, me thinks. Peace.

  15. By: MeBeTheDB

    In 1973, at age 14 … I waited, along with my aunts, several hours outside
    the ‘Presentation Theater’ in San Francisco to see the STAR TREK BLOOPERS
    that were — then, only something we Trekkies heard about as legend.

    It was a sell-out event … and to this day, I can recall never laughing
    so hard before or since. This was before there was the movies or any of
    the dozen or so series d’Star Trek. Enjoy these memories of Trek,
    Gunsmoke, MASH, etc.

    Memories matter.

  16. By: Dougdenslowe

    Won’t play on mobile devices………please fix it so I can enjoy!

  17. By: Samuel Aguilar

    “The first Inter-racial train.” GOD I love that! xD

  18. By: Tazklingon Boll

    Goes to show even with training & practice we all make mistakes. I love
    being human what’s next? LOL 

  19. By: lesselp

    Can you re-upload this in lower quality ?

  20. By: iceman8067

    Hmm seems like Mike Farrell didn’t do a lot of line-memorizing! 

  21. By: matrix49A

    What the fuck is this spic crap..



  23. By: Joel Lindquist

    26:14 – best Star Trek episode ever!

  24. By: Ruple Thaker

    M*I*S*H M*A*S*H !! Delightful ;o)

  25. By: Moses Masingila

    They’re home -_-

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