Tensions with Carol Burnett

Jimmy and Carol Burnett show clips from their short-lived ’90s soap opera, Tensions, and things get really tense. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring …

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Added on: January 26th, 2015

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  1. By: Bastian Hofmann

    This is SOOO FAKE!! Before the last clip you can see Jimmy getting up to
    run over to the set! THE SHOW IS NOT FROM THE 90S!!! EWWW!

  2. By: ♡ MaryCherryBeauty ♡

    i love these little segments jimmy does :) too funny

  3. By: AleahKCH

    This was pretty fantastic… Is Tensions available on DVD by chance?? I’d
    love to own it!

  4. By: Fitzger00

    How do they get back so quickly?!?!

  5. By: aprilmay90585

    You can always count on Jimmy on breaking character lol I love him though!
    Funniest guy on Late Night!

  6. By: Urooj Mahmood

    Carol Burnett needs to host SNL! It would bring back the humor to the
    show… I’m surprised she hasn’t done it yet.

  7. By: baddmanaz

    has carol burnett been conferred the presidential medal of freedom yet? if
    not, she should be. and theyd better do it soon!

  8. By: l8on99

    Waste of 7.5 minutes, this kind of comedy is just not that funny anymore

  9. By: thelogsays

    could u imagine doing a skit with carol burnett?! i idolized her as a kid
    id watch the carol burnette show everyday after school on tbs. u know that
    had to be a dream come true for him

  10. By: cj Eureka

    thanks Jimmy for keeping it clean for Carol…we are not of this
    generation…she was a little ornery..but always a kid could watch her
    shows…I appreciate you.respecting her generation…thanks

  11. By: Seoyoon Bang

    Jimmy and Carol Burnett show clips from their short-lived ’90s soap opera,
    Tensions, and things get really tense.
    Are you with me on this +Van Nguyen ??

    #JimmyFallon #90s #SoapOpera #CarolBurnett #tensions #slap

  12. By: Vero Lopez

    I love Carol Burnette. Her expressions are priceless

  13. By: Wayne Johnson

    There will never be a replacement for Carol Burnett when she passes.
    This is an incredible clip from an incredible woman. It is as if she never
    left the stage.

    I hope you all enjoy this. :)

  14. By: Dara Perkins

    How awesome that I got to see Carol Burnett and Jimmy Fallon together in a
    skit. Two of my favorites. The tension was so high I was on the edge of my

  15. By: stockjonebills

    This is awesome I love Carol Burnett. Thanks for having her on the show

  16. By: WesleyGW

    I LOVE her! They are hysterical together!

  17. By: Ace Productions NY

    Jimmy can never keep a straight face. LOL So ridiculous

  18. By: John Lieske

    Damn, she’s still got it.

  19. By: steveditko1

    Too bad Jimmy couldn’t keep a straight face. Carol Burnett was probably
    thinking ‘amateur’.

  20. By: din hoxha

    Please can anyone out there tell me what is the soundtrack in the
    background of “Tensions”?
    Thank you in advance. 

  21. By: northernsoutherngirl

    I LOVED the Carol Burnett Show as a kid. So going to buy the complete
    seasons from amazon.com

  22. By: arxsyn

    She is either suspicious, accusatory, angry, going senile, or all the

  23. By: Michele Schottenbauer

    My grandmother, who died in 2003 at the age of 101, admired Carol Burnett
    quite a bit. Grandmother made an original drawing of Carol Burnett in one
    of her best sketchbooks, which also included U.S. Presidents, foreign
    dignitaries, and Hollywood actors from the early 1900’s!

  24. By: Maryuri Hernandez

    James has a lot of outfit changes, people always throw stuff on him. 

  25. By: Sophia Maclowed

    If carol is ever back on the show please tell her that Katy from Canada
    would do anything to meet her ! I probably never will get to but it would
    mean so much to me!

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