The Big Bang Theory – Best of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”

The Big Bang Theory – Best of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” I made these to dedicate to all the fun times when Penny, Amy and Bernadette get together! I do not…

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Added on: February 13th, 2015

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  1. By: Anna Fdz

    that was awesome! best tbbt video i’ve ever seen, good job! keep making
    them so i can keep watching!! Thanks!

  2. By: quadbravo

    Amy is just hilarious. The core of funny. 

  3. By: Elbert Quisenberry

    Best clip comp ever, Thanks

  4. By: David Tankoos

    thanks so much. 

  5. By: Matt Thornton

    I love how Amy has something of a ‘crush’ on Penny.

  6. By: Willow K

    I adore mean Bernardette

  7. By: 77boondocksaint

    Bernadette has a fabulous rack

  8. By: James McDonald

    Excellent video. Thanks for sharing!

  9. By: U Must Agree to Google+ Terms Tho U Don't Want It

    Skipped the end of the Thor’s Hammer argument! Nooooooo!!!

  10. By: Bas C

    This is all about Amy… I love it, she´s so funny and great!

  11. By: ♥NV-Juliette Barnes♥

    Amy seriously love Penny, and don’t blame her. Loved how they had Buffy
    Theme playing in the show.

  12. By: vm141789

    I can’t take the idea of Penny being the hottest girl in the show while
    Bernadette is there.

  13. By: Grell Sutcliff

    Amy is my favorite of the females XD

  14. By: victor carmona

    When Bernadette tells Amy’s sex life is theoretical I’m laughing my ass

  15. By: daikaiju20

    Anyone else see Amy as an adult Daria Morgenforffer, after College in later
    life? I so see it!

  16. By: zemorph42

    Why the HELL is this not on Netflix!

  17. By: Skump Davis

    I love short girls, espessially when their thick like burnedette. Checkout
    my channel and videos for the real shit

  18. By: RaveleijnRidder

    I like the color of here hair at 2:39 , its not so white as usual

  19. By: TurtleCheescake

    It’s sooo awesome that you made that! Thanks for all your effort and stuff!
    Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks for uploading!

  20. By: Bethany Phillips

    Thank you this is a great compilation 😀 xx

  21. By: dorourke105

    46:09 Whoa baby, does Melissa Rauch even know how hot she is?

  22. By: Kaitlin McDoll

    Melissa is actually older than penny

  23. By: mngentry

    this makes it seem like you could do a spinoff series of just the girls.

  24. By: Vilma Aviles

    I like Penny’s new hair cut ,it look very good on her. Everyone know they
    seems to have the same hairstyle along with the curls it’s overrated.

  25. By: TheRealNoel2

    44:58 Best part of the comp. The entire thing was great, though! :)

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