The Big Bang Theory – Best of Season 5 (part 1 of 3)

The Big Bang Theory – Best of Season 5 (part 1 of 3) To check out more best of videos from other seasons, click on the link below… Big Bang Theory – Best o…

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Added on: August 16th, 2014

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  1. By: Sedna063

    You are the best

  2. By: ReaperVidz

    thanks :)

  3. By: Juan Ballagas

  4. By: dfgcheng

    43:13 at this moment I find myself craving human intimacy

  5. By: swat67ify

    Hilarious 😀 Will always love ‘The Big Bang Theory’; both the TV show and
    the actual theory :)

  6. By: Patousch Kussy

    I LOOOOOOVE The Big Bang Theory!

  7. By: ChibiAlly

    Sheldon and Amy have such silly personalities I wonder how they’re not
    cracking up every second they’re on screen. XP

  8. By: aishwarya rana

    that was all she wrote… what was that??????

  9. By: Never high IQ

    I watch this show just cos Penny is hot as a volcano 

  10. By: Ertril Pitcher

    28:40 world of warcraft healer shirt i so wana get one

  11. By: ApeniGirl

    Daphne! OMG and Raj? But to quote Sheldon ” She is not for you!”

  12. By: Aida Mendoza

    i love amy! i love her personality
    and sheldon is adorable… 

  13. By: ronald gardner jr

    I don’t get it… @ 3;45 what happened… how did they have sex?

  14. By: Benjamin Lee

    7:14 Wow Sheldon is really paranoid.

  15. By: Sanji San

    Somewhere between Bruce Wayne and Scrooge McDuck? Hot damn lol

  16. By: turbostewi

    Alice was pretty.

  17. By: kamwrites

    Episode 2 – Blue’s Clues. Look for it. 

  18. By: The11jones

    “I dont know if i want to play anymore………….”
    “because you dont have a girlfriend, oh good lord, if that becomes a reason
    not to play dungeons and dragons this game is in serious trouble.”

    i miss the nerd jokes like these. i really enjoy the humor that they have
    been able to get from the girlfriends but it wud b nice to see some more of
    the hilarious nerd jokes that made this show funny to begin with

  19. By: Lee B

    “Don’t everybody look at once.”

  20. By: Andrew Pollard

    “Something, something! Who the (something) do you think you are?! Mind you
    own (something) business and go (something) yourself!”
    -Emily via Howard’s ASL translation or Howard translating Emily’s ASL line
    (Either way hilarious!)

  21. By: CoVeeTv


  22. By: Tristan Parsons

    At 9:40 just lol

  23. By: niajef

    great work, and i imagine it took u a LOT of time to do all this for all
    the seasons, and i dont wanna complain or anything, but i do have to say
    still, 150-180 mins for 1 season, which only has like 400+ mins of real
    material, u almost put half the show on here…u can’t really call it
    “best” of season w.e, cuz that should be reserved for the really top notch
    hilarious moments of each episode…anyway, i still like it tho, ima go
    thru all of it while im at work lol…cuz its almost like watching the full

  24. By: Bret .Maverick

    I hate how tv shows have characters who get drunk and then don’t know if
    they had sex. 

  25. By: Cristian Valenzuela

    Thanks to you I can laugh at work too!!! thanks you’ve made my day

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