The Big Bang Theory – Best of Season 8 (part 1 of 8)

The Big Bang Theory – Best of Season 8 (part 1 of 8) I do not own any rights, this is fan made as a tribute to one of the funniest shows on TV. The Big Bang …

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  1. By: hermioneg34

  2. By: Isabella Cerff

    My favourite show of all time. Thanks.

  3. By: SiCklMindz

    eww penny looks ugly with short hair smh looks like miley cyrus and that
    bitch is UGLY!!!!

  4. By: Chirag Deshpande

    As this series is progressing, I hate Sheldon more. He’s just an egoistic

  5. By: Stephen Cogan

    And thumbs up if you think Penny actually looks hotter with short hair.

  6. By: XarkoCZ

    Season 8 is pretty weak so far

  7. By: kevin boudreaux

    i gotta say, sometimes the short haircuts on the female celebrities works,
    but other times it just doesnt, for Penny it really didnt. I dont think she
    looks good and it just doesnt seem to fit the character at all

    it is kind of becoming a trend with people like Halle Berry, Jennifer
    Lawrence, and Emma Watson all looking fantastic with short hair though, ill
    admit that

  8. By: FuriousPudding

    I’m just gonna straight up say this. Whoever writes Sheldon’s quotes and
    creates the character obviously thinks Physics is better than Engineering.
    Firstly, In most universities in the world, Engineering require a higher
    level of grades to get in to the degree and stay in it. Secondly, the
    questions that Howard asked are taught in first year engineering and if he
    REALLY had a masters he wouldn’t ask those questions to prove him wrong.
    Lastly, Sheldon is a Theoretical Physics where he just theories but doesn’t
    actually puts it to good use LIKE ENGINEERS. I’m not saying physics is less
    than engineering. I am saying they are equal. (But in reality the most
    “USEFUL” to this world are Engineers.

  9. By: wipe0utpuls3

    is it that Kaley has gained weight?
    or the short hair makes her look more plump…?

  10. By: mahesh pvk

    Season 8 is boring. I really hope they end the show with this season. 

  11. By: Gjergji Pjetri

    In the episode, did Sheldon and Amy sleep together? I live in Aus, I can’t
    see the episodes…

  12. By: Ben Wade

    The first 3 seasons were faint-makingly brilliant, after that it has gone
    downhill and getting worse and worse with each successive season for the
    following reasons:

    1 – The emasculation of Howard caused by his marriage to Bernadette.
    2 – The worthless and annoying character of Bernadette.
    3 – Amy’s lesbian coming-on to Penny.
    4 – Penny becoming a pharmaceutical sales rep – it is not at all plausible
    and is a boring story line.
    5 – The current redundancy of Rajesh.
    6 – Howard’s Mother having too much air time.
    7 – The non-presence or limited presence of Leslie Winkle, Kripke, Wil
    Weaton – much better characters than Bernadette/Amy/Penny.
    8 – Penny having nothing useful to contribute anymore, thus resorting to
    showing her boobs and abs (that is all she has going for her now – how sad).
    9 – The suggestion this season that Penny will soon out-earn Leonard –
    ridiculous and implausible.
    10 – Too many characters already, and now Raj has a boring girlfriend to
    add to the mix.
    11 – Penny’s dwindling personality (she was once perky, now completely
    12 – The writing – the more complex they try to make show, the less funny
    it is. It is due in part to too many regular characters.
    13 – The destruction of Howard – see point 1. Weak and whipped Howard
    bears no resemblance to the brilliant and naughty Howard character of the
    early seasons.
    14 – Leonard and Penny’s engagement – poor Leonard, I can only hope that he
    can escape from this alcoholic, selfish, shallow, miserable, talentless
    tart of a woman.
    15 – Sheldon’s inconsistencies. Sheldon is too emotional now – it is not
    normal and is a bit sickening. However, this is a minor quibble and the
    Sheldon and Leonard characters are still entertaining – they are all that
    is keeping this hole-ridden ship afloat.

    I still watch this show, but I struggle to be amused by it these days. It
    is only the interactions between Leonard and Sheldon that I particularly
    enjoy now.

  13. By: blimpus

    Ok it seems nobody has figured this out yet. Sheldon is the weakest one of
    the group.
    The proof is, since the first season he has accomplished nothing! Howard
    went to space.Raj made a discovery and was in People magazine.Leonard went
    to work for Stephan Hawking.Sheldon zip! he admits to picking beta over
    VHS,He picked HD DVD over Bluray.He admited to Barry that his work was
    inferior to his.So what we have learned over 7 seasons is??? Sheldon is
    actually a special needs kid and that’s why Leonard takes care of him and
    puts up with him.You see we are led to believe he is a geneious but step
    back and really look at his behavior and you will start to see the truth. 

  14. By: Yoganao

    Sheldon isn’t superior in any way, even his eidetic memory is wasted in
    boring people with irrelevant nonsense.
    And it’s really nice not to hear Debbie not yelling for a change!

  15. By: Sumerijah De Romijn

    Sheldon is being a fucking dick the last two seasons. In the first seasons
    he was just a little (well, alot) clueless and sometimes inappropiate, but
    that was because he didn’t know better. Of course he was a little bit of a
    wise-ass, but that was his right. He simply was a lot smarter than the rest
    and he was proud of that. But he was sweet at times, he had a heart and
    compassion if needed.

    These days, he finds himself to be the king of the world. He doesn’t like
    anyone, is always sarcastic and just a downright self absorbed prick. I
    don’t like him anymore… I’m hoping Amy will break up with him
    (temporarily) so Sheldon opens his eyes and see what he’s gonna miss.

    The same thing goes for Penny. She used to be sweet and a little dumb, but
    she didn’t care about that and just kept smiling. She had awesome, funny
    comebacks when the guys made fun of her. And now she has this constant
    frown on her face and she’s being a downright bitch if she doesn’t
    understand something. And her hair is fucking weird as well. It turned her
    appearance from a sweet, cool sometimes-stupid young lady into a
    Don’t-even-fucking-play-with-me,bitch- dragonlady. D:

    Amy has also changed alot, but in a good way. But she could complain a
    little less IMO

    I know it is just a show, but I feel like I’ve known them for years. And I
    hope that season 8 is gonna get better, I haven’t watched a single funny
    episode so far :c

  16. By: Sandi Hughes

    Thank you hermioneg34 you do a good job on these !!

  17. By: Freia Krolop

    Isn´t that the part where he says Bazuka or something? LOL

  18. By: Justus Grimm

    To be honest..
    it stopped being funny after season 5

  19. By: IPYES

    Tbbt was much funnier at the first 3 seasons. Before they met the girls
    there were nerds and Penny was just the sexy girl from the next door. I
    could really identify myself with Leonard trying to get Penny. But then the
    charakters grew up, Howard get married with Bernadette…I really miss the
    old guys. I mean I really like Amy she is the funniest girl in the show but
    everthing changed. The hole concept is not the same as it was. Yes season
    4,5,6 and 7 are funny too but season 8 sucks. I watched 9 episodes and no
    one of them was really funny.

    Sorry for my english but I’m from Germany. 

  20. By: Miguel Angel Buelna Osben

    Sheldon no es superior en cualquier forma, incluso su memoria eidética se
    desperdicia en la gente aburrida con tonterías irrelevantes.
    Y es realmente agradable no oír Debbie no gritar para un cambio!

  21. By: Damon Salvatore

    what’s the meaning of the part sheldon whispering at amy’s ear saying
    “shoot gun”?

  22. By: Wanda Lee

    18:00 Howard channeling Art Carney’s ‘Ed Norton’, and Bernadette doing her
    best Ralph Kramden… love it.

  23. By: frogsoda

    Some people may not recognize him, but the guy that Penny was interviewing
    with also played Jimmy James on NewsRadio and the nerdy guy with the thick
    glasses and Red Swingline stapler in Office Space.

  24. By: YoYO Semite

    So sad these young actors are so caught up in the fame and fortune, poorly
    influencing young children that there are absolutely no ramifications or
    consequences for premarital sex or promiscuity.z

  25. By: Malika Desai


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