The Big Bang Theory – Best of Season 8 (part 2 of 8)

The Big Bang Theory – Best of Season 8 (part 2 of 8) I do not own any rights, this is fan made as a tribute to one of the funniest shows on TV. The Big Bang Theory is one of my all time…

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Added on: October 26th, 2014

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  1. By: hermioneg34

  2. By: 2serveand2protect

    ..ouuuh!… just uploaded, ha?… :)
    Thank You very much! :)

  3. By: HJW018

    Between 16:33 to 16:36 is going to get a lot of pause action from people.

  4. By: John Zimmerman

    I have been watching The Big Bang Theory these past few weeks, and I think
    that it has been very good so far. Also, please upload more Star Hustler
    episodes as soon as you can; I would like to see them. Thank you!

  5. By: Sanji San

    Penny: Wait, I wanna see if he gets his star.

  6. By: Denis 98

    You are seriously the freaking best.

  7. By: Nepo Seroka


  8. By: Hector Pavia Chavez

    about time. y nice work keep going and upload more here a LIKE

  9. By: SiCklMindz

    Thanks for the upload

  10. By: natty marshall

    Thank you for the upload,.. but we all would be more pleased if you include
    the most important parts of the show, just try to make them longer…

  11. By: Matty Toase

    oh, sure, driving around streets in a van, picking kids up by luring them
    in with candy and taking them in a dark boarded up building… oh sure not
    pervy at all (scarcasm by the way)

  12. By: ShadowChief 4u14


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