The Big Bang Theory – Game Time

It’s Howard’s time to shine out in the field. Leonard and Sheldon are brilliant physicists – geniuses in the laboratory, but socially challenged everywhere else. Enter beautiful, street-smart…

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  1. By: Mc The Banana

    First comment

  2. By: YoBoy Danny


  3. By: YoBoy Danny


  4. By: Devon Mclean

    Poor howard… Lol He tried, just the damn thing was far too slow.

  5. By: extrememining

    i realy want to watch the full episodes but i live in uk so i cant

  6. By: Nicole Vergara

    Poor Howie lol

  7. By: Maisy Fitzgerald

    Awww, poor Howard. That must have been so embarrassing!

  8. By: james parsons

    This really upset me. Like okay he gets picked (not as a first choice he’s
    told) to throw the first pitch, he’s not good so he practiced and practiced
    and when he saw he couldn’t do it he didn’t give up he uses what he’s good
    at and he still fails and even gets booed by an entire stadium AND his
    friends. How is that funny. 

  9. By: Serve75


  10. By: jean paul

    Sheldon is AMAZING

  11. By: Aury A.A.V

    3:05 Rajesh: You Suck Wolowitz LOL

  12. By: Charles Damery

    When using the Mars Rover to deliver the first pitch, reprogram it to move

  13. By: upublic

    what idiot wrote this? if you managed to fkin surprise us, why did you
    completely broke our expectation 15 seconds later. Chuck Lore, you are the
    worst shit in television

  14. By: Moe Crunch

    Angels fans are assholes jk I don’t know how they really are

  15. By: Jon Hsieh

    wow the intro was so good, but ugh, i feel so baddddddddd

  16. By: DreadnoughtX

    Damn… i was hoping for the robot arm…. :(

  17. By: spinningincirclezzz

    That was just awful cbs. Whyy poor Howard, he’s a character that really
    grew on me.

  18. By: Ricardo Canul


  19. By: Jude Law

    It’s not a race, it’s an exploration!!

  20. By: Veteran Trainer JCP

    the episode needed more … dunno, felt empty :/ 

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