The Big Bang Theory – Imagining A World Without My Best Friend

Sheldon and Leonard have a breakdown regarding their friendship. Leonard and Sheldon are brilliant physicists – geniuses in the laboratory, but socially challenged everywhere else. Enter beautiful…

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  1. By: TheMnJ22


  2. By: shebet100


  3. By: shebet100


    To say

  4. By: Chris Tomson

    That was pretty touching. Although, isn’t it technically Sheldon’s
    apartment? I know they both live their, but he owned it before Leonard
    moved in

  5. By: lizliz xu

    this is so sweet and funny,haha

  6. By: torch torch


    @ 3.03 I bet Penny almost laughing for real 😛 

  7. By: Aira Tran

    I’ve always loved that big cry baby Sheldon

  8. By: MsRandomnotes1

    Maybe this means that Amy will be spending more time at the apartment

  9. By: trghudson

    I was little surprised that Amy wasn’t more comforting to Sheldon when he
    was crying; Penny certainly was more sympathetic to Leonard.

  10. By: Martha589

    This scene makes me cry like a baby.

  11. By: laila1989ism

    It was an emotional but also a very funny scene, probably one of the best
    conversations sheldon and leonard had. And i love how they took
    handkerchiefs out of the bags. Shelly even used a mirror from amy that was
    hilarious xD

  12. By: mystery8881

    This is so the last season

  13. By: The2kboss

    They give up the hole episode with these videos…

  14. By: TheJosephusFilms

    It makes sense how much Sheldon actually cares about Leonard. Sheldon has
    never truly had a friend before he met Leonard, due to his condescending
    nature and idiosyncrasies. Sheldon doesn’t want to be so far away from his
    best buddy. Although it wouldn’t be that far.

  15. By: Lexi Love

    Aww Sheldon is really willing to compromise so much more easily than he use
    to, he has grown and I’m so proud of him. It actually makes me a little
    sad to think of Sheldon and Leonard one day not living together anymore no
    nights of the week, but I know that when the time does come (I think its a
    least a season and a half away I hope) that it will be good for both of
    them and they can still live near each other and go over and see each other
    all time. Raj and Howard don’t live together, but they are still super
    close so its going be okay. Change can be good, scary at times, sad at
    times, but healthy and good. I can’t wait! 😀 The big question remains
    will Sheldon spend some time living alone at the apartment or will he
    finally start inviting Amy to come spend the night over when Leonard isn’t
    there, now that gives my Shamy loving heart something to look forward too.

  16. By: RedArtist

    That’s sooo sweet * v *

  17. By: Gisale Moonraker

    funny episode lol finally

  18. By: Jim Parsons

    Aww, This nearly made me cry.

  19. By: Emily TheNovelist

    Is this enough “story”, you doubters? Helpful hint: don’t judge an episode
    before you watch it, and NEVER doubt the writers. (They did give us Shamy.)

  20. By: Darcy Brummett

    1:55 Awww! 2:10 He is? 2:15 Another awww!

  21. By: Erin L

    Awww Sheldon <3 just want to hug him , he's so wonderfully and fearlessly
    Himself and that's Such a great quality in a character..and in a human

  22. By: Michael Liang

    I chocked up so hard sniff sniff 

  23. By: Jordan Cooper

    that was funny and touching ugh my heart 

  24. By: Runa Aster Pedersen


  25. By: Mia OnYT

    THAT scene! You knew something was up cause of Leonard teary eyes…
    Touching. And both played it brilliantly! It’s shocking to realize how very
    sensitive and self-awere Sheldon really is. 

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