The Big Bang Theory – Let It Go

Penny is shocked when she realizes that Amy has been using her as a test dummy. Leonard and Sheldon are brilliant physicists – geniuses in the laboratory, bu…

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  1. By: BloodyRomance1313

    Hold the pen

  2. By: Tart squeeker


  3. By: WindOfSolitude

    Thank god this didn’t turn into another Frozen joke. 

  4. By: hellaBayAr3a

    1:59 Her glasses don’t have lenses. 

  5. By: HCBchemistry

    Poor sheldon, he would have a lot more trouble letting go of his old
    physics. It would be amazing if he ever talked about my physics on the
    show. A deminstration of my physics is on my page for Sheldon to see.

  6. By: ajrok hej


  7. By: packersfan

    I thought there was going to be a Frozen reference with all the Let it Go
    talk, lol.

  8. By: turbostewi

    good point, Sheldon

  9. By: Soror Lourdes Metz

  10. By: Ricardo Martin

    Anyone notice that the writers brought back the old Sheldon?

  11. By: Tab Utu

    I still dont like the hair.

  12. By: DarthWill3

    I love it when Penny is being used as a lab rat. Being the community
    college dropout, she deserves to have her dignity destroyed!

  13. By: bigpboy1012

    Insert Liam Neeson joke here.

  14. By: bigpboy1012

    I wonder how Penny opened that puzzle box. I hope it was like the previous
    time she had to do one for Sheldon in “The Terminator Decoupling”.

    Sheldon: You’re holding a Japanese puzzle box, which takes ten precise
    moves to open. First, locate the panel with the diamond pattern and slide
    the center portion one millimeter to the left. Then, on the opposite end of
    the box, slide the entire panel down two millimeters. You’ll hear a slight

    Penny: Hang on. Sheldon, do you have any emotional attachment to this box?

    Sheldon: No, it’s a novelty I ordered off the Internet. Now, did you hear
    the click?

    Penny: Not yet. (she puts it on the ground; *STOMP*) There it is.

  15. By: Anthony Walker

    Penny has never had an Omas Ogiva Alba Fountain Pen, if she had the concept
    of letting a pen go would be foreign.

  16. By: StarKiller 56

    I can;t believe there wasn’t a single Disney or Frozen joke.

  17. By: suncore598

    I love how devious Amy can be.

  18. By: CSI Gaming

    I have never seen this show , but I can see that this might be worth
    looking into . seems funny.

  19. By: thomas brady

    Lol, love Penny’s face when it zooms in for the flashback.

  20. By: playstationsteve

    When I saw let it go I was about to say not this frozen bullshit thank god
    it wasn’t a stupid lame ass frozen joke

  21. By: Jakkilinki Srujan

    As Sheldon says it – “LOL.”

  22. By: Blobby Blob

    Tbbt is now silly

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