The Big Bang Theory – Mrs. Wolowitz Passes Away

Howard receives devastating news about his mom passing away. Leonard and Sheldon are brilliant physicists – geniuses in the laboratory, but socially challenged everywhere else. Enter beautiful,…

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  1. By: Kimberlee Arteaga

    the woman who played his mom (the voice) she really passed away

  2. By: Gabe Johnson

    Ugh. This part hit me right in the feels. My mom and I are really close too
    and I don’t even know how I’d react if I got a call like that.

  3. By: Tart squeeker

    I actually thought he was going to say “let it go” as well 😐 

  4. By: ncisfan78

    This was so sad. It just won’t be the same without Ms Wolowitz’s booming
    voice. I thought what Sheldon said was perfect. He has come a long way. 

  5. By: Maria Paula Ulloa

    I cry … like a little girl. And when Sheldon said that, omg … I cry a
    lot more :(

    R.I.P Carol Ann Susi a.k.a Mrs Wolowitz 


    Carol Ann Susi was her name. She passed away in November-very sad. If you
    want to see her acting, she played one of George’s girlfriends on

  7. By: MerlinsDragon1970

    Howard’s Reaction :( :(
    NO ! IMO This was shite: 1) where Howard found out, 2) how Howard found
    out and 3)where he found out

    again IMHO For all the years we watched this show with Howard’s deep
    co dependent relationship with his mother, this scene just wasn’t good
    enough nor emotional enough, too fast, he spoke too soon The writer’s
    should have planed a longer scene in the Wolowitz house even though it’s a
    comedy show, her passing deserved longer time for this news.
    I think it should have been done at the Wolowitz house with Howard being
    told by Stuart slowly and sadly or something similar in that familiar
    setting. Howard, again whom was so attached to his mother, getting the news
    on the phone? no and the Howard character though in shock would have been
    more dramatic or emotional than this actor Name?? portrayed I just didn’t
    believe his acting NOT dramatic enough. Too much time has passed since the
    actress’ death and I think the Howard actor didnt recapture the emotion He
    didnt look stunned/shocked long enough before he told eveyone just too
    Howard is such a kid at heart that he should have just slumped to
    the floor crying or in disbelief shaking his head “no, it cant be” 

  8. By: Ricardo Martin

    I am really glad they dealt with the death of a cast member by making the
    death of their character part of the story.
    Come to think of it… are there still shows that “lie” about a cast
    member’s death?

  9. By: ReubTube96

    I’m glad they’re retiring her character after her actress’ passing.

  10. By: The Annihilator

    not that im not caring about this sad moment but id like to learn more
    about sheldon and amy testing everyone

  11. By: Franki Selby

    I miss Carol Ann Susi, the actress who voiced Debbie Wolowitz. She was
    great and her birthday was on the same date as mine. Anyway, I think they
    had no choice, but to cut off her character because it wouldn’t be the same
    if someone else took her position. Now, it’s all fallen apart. It’s the
    natural cycle of life; we’re born, we live, and when our time comes, we
    die. When my grandmother died 4 years ago at 19:15 on Tuesday 24th October,
    my mother went straight into tears when she received a phone call from her
    father. She even phoned up her sister, Sally, to tell her the sad news,
    whilst crying. Apparently, we thought that she was 82, but she was actually
    84. I felt like I wanted to cry, but not in front of my family because I
    tend to get embarrassed around them. This year, my mother’s friend, Sarah,
    died of a pancreatic cancer, so she was all delirious and couldn’t
    recognize anyone. When my grandfather phoned up his daughter, Di, to tell
    her the bad news and when she said “Oh, I’d better come down and see her.”,
    he said “No, don’t! She won’t recognize you!”, and that she might be dying.
    She wasn’t that old, but she has done so much for my grandfather that it
    has all fallen apart. She even had beautiful ginger red hair. Even her
    husband, Francis, came around for a bit of bonding, but he was in tears and
    so was my grandfather. Anyway, R.I.P, Carol Ann Susi! I’ll miss you, so so
    much! :'(

  12. By: purpledragonfly4

    This was such an incredible scene and a fitting tribute to Carol Ann Susi.
    The tears were real for both the audience watching and the cast of BBT.
    Well done to everyone involved. Rest in peace ♥ 

  13. By: ReallyBadSeed

    On Sheldon and Leonard’s refrigerator, there’s going to be a small photo
    kept there of the actress who played Howard’s mom. It probably won’t be
    seen or noticed unless there’s a closeup in the kitchen. 

  14. By: Kaff231

    I’m gonna miss hearing Howaaard! What a delight it was hearing her voice.
    She will be truly missed. 

  15. By: TheRV1HD

    RIP Carol Ann Susi. You made the Mrs. Wolowitz character really
    entertaining on voice alone. You still are and forever will be missed. As
    for the show it is great that they are killing the character off as a means
    of respect towards Carol and what she did for it instead of replacing the
    voice. Kudos BBT.

  16. By: The Big Bang Theory Geek

    *The Big Bang Theory – Mrs. Wolowitz Passes Away*

    *The Comic Book Store Regeneration*
    S8 E15

    Very sweet words from Sheldon.

    Sheldon: *When I lost my own father, I didn’t have any friends to help me
    through it. You do.*

    What did you all think of last night’s show? I thought the writers did a
    very good job of handling the script delicately.

    *Rest in peace Carol Ann.*

  17. By: JackDoesGamingAndStuff

    I have a feeling that Howards dad will turn up to her funeral, then we can
    finally meet Mr Wolowitz

  18. By: nirvanafan7895

    “Who’s there!? Are you a sex criminal!?

    Man, that woman had me in stitches everytime she opened her mouth. I’m
    gonna miss listening to Mrs Wolowitz. And the whole cast did an awesome job
    here, totally made me cry. RIP Carol Ann Susi x

  19. By: wolf2966

    Why do I suspect Howard’s father will be in the picture soon

  20. By: Bryan Sudfield

    Mrs. Wolowitz was a great character, despite only hearing her voice, and
    when the actress passed away, I was curious to see how they would handle
    the death on the show and I thought they handled it beautifully. They
    weren’t being mean, they were being kind and respectful. Hearing what
    Sheldon said about how he didn’t have friends when he lost his father and
    how Howard has all of these guys to support him… that was heartwarming
    yet emotional at the same time. The writers did a great job handling this,
    as did these actors especially Simon Helberg and Jim Parsons. I love it
    when a comedy show goes into dramatic territory and nails it. This episode
    did that very well. I’m really going to miss Mrs. Wolowitz. 

  21. By: Geddo

    I know the show has a history of releasing tension with a breaking comedic
    line, but I think in this case it would have been better if they left out
    Penny’s “Let it go” line at the end.

  22. By: Leanashe23

    What I found particularly beautiful and touching about this scene is that I
    don’t think the actors were really ‘acting’ here. Also when Sheldon talks
    about how he felt alone and how he coped after his own father passed away –
    I don’t think that was Sheldon talking, that was Jim
    (who lost his father a few years ago) x

  23. By: Risan

    I never really get sad while watching BBT but this was a shocker to me and
    felt so saddened by the news. Feel bad for him. Actually can’t wait for the
    next episode.

  24. By: Maisy Fitzgerald

    Howard always joked about wanting his mother to die, but when she actually
    does he is devastated. 

  25. By: Yoganao

    It was never funny when she yelled, it was always an irritation ,so I’m
    glad she’s off the show, tho not in real life.

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