The Big Bang Theory – Nobody Likes A Crybaby

Bernadette discovers that everyone at her job is scared of her. Leonard and Sheldon are brilliant physicists – geniuses in the laboratory, but socially challenged everywhere else. Enter beautiful,…

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  1. By: Sanji San

    That eyeball guy from Monster Inc. Nice guy lol

  2. By: Samantha Romee


  3. By: Lawrence Lepes

    Bernadette is funny in that part. I’m trying to figure who played the that
    Bernadette was talking to. He looks familiar

  4. By: softcat20

    Bernadette is probably one of my least favourite characters.

  5. By: tmage01

    The Bernadette character is becoming less and less sympathetic to viewers
    by the episode. She went from adorable to shrewish. The writers are more
    and more going for the cheap laugh at the expense of the character’s

  6. By: Geddo

    I keep picturing Jimmy James from Newsradio when I listen to Dan.

  7. By: Nicole Rymer

    woah! bad Bernadette! but love Stephen Root.

  8. By: Charles Damery

    Bernadette is a bitchy thing, isn’t she ?

  9. By: Chris Tomson

    Pointing out your character’s problems does *NOT* make them go away!

  10. By: Monkey D. Uchiha

    And another character the writers have ruined… Seriously, if she was
    being bullied during her schooldays, how can she be so oblivious to her
    being mean to the others? This show has worst character development ever.

    Once the writers have completely ruined one character, they just pick
    another one and start ruining that character too. Lenny and Shamy are no
    longer funny, Howard and Raj are getting a little boring… I wonder whom
    they’ll pick next.

  11. By: Jaldhi Patel

    whats the problem with everybody. its a character. it is going to stay as a
    character. would you wanna see the same thing every season? This show has
    grown too much so I am pretty sure they know what they are doing. 

  12. By: Lexi Love

    I still love Bernadette, she is still adorable and sweet most of the time.
    But she’s always had that tougher side to her. Remember when she was
    Cinderella and she told Amy and Penny they couldn’t be her. She got
    bullied as a kid for being small and her dad taught her to not take
    people’s crap so now she’s finally a grown woman taking her dad’s advice,
    if she didn’t stand up for herself others would just walk all over her
    again. She was also nice enough to bake muffins for Raj when his parents
    split up and to wear that Cinderella outfit for Howard to make him happy,
    so how mean can she be really? Its just to give her a little edge, the way
    Emily is into disturbing things like cutting people with knives, Penny
    drinks too much and Amy is obsessed with sex, if they were nice all the
    time they be so sweet and likeable they’d be totally boring and they would
    never be any conflict. Each of the ladies has her own character flaws to
    offset the guys character flaws and to make the show funnier. All good
    shows need some sort of conflict in them.

  13. By: guesswhaaat

    DAFUQ has became this show..

  14. By: Carlos Lorenzo

    Melissa Rauch must drink dozens of water battles to maintain such a high
    pitched voice.

  15. By: The Hellfire Club!

    I really am disliking Lorre and Prady!! They are turning Bernadette into a
    Penny!! Basically she is a horrible, self-obsessed, arrogant and a bully.
    This scene is actually really nasty! I can not see why this is funny. It
    seems that this shows basis of comedy is to demean and humiliation.
    Bernadette use to be a nice girl but have turned her into a Penny Mark 2!!
    Why? Because they need to compensate for Penny. If Bernadette is a horrible
    person all of the sudden then Penny (the golden girl) looks good. The
    writers have been doing this for years. Penny is always at the centre of
    attention. She is always made a winner, made to look good, always wins! The
    group do not have that luxury at all. Penny is a nasty character and now
    Bernadette is getting this way…so sad that they do this…all to make
    Penny look good!

  16. By: melbea03 .tonto

    Bernie stands up for her self

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