The Big Bang Theory – Proton Decay

Leonard and Penny help Sheldon test out his new headphones. Leonard and Sheldon are brilliant physicists – geniuses in the laboratory, but socially challenged everywhere else. Enter beautiful,…

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Added on: February 4th, 2015

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  1. By: Anton Tarraran

    Miss his show

  2. By: Anton Tarraran


  3. By: Ricardo Martin

    The last line in this clip…
    Anyone remember what episode it’s referencing?

  4. By: OmgSteveJobs

    Not that this matters, but what kind of headphones are those?

  5. By: Lexi Love

    So Glad BBT is back. Funny episode 😀 But, Man I wish I knew what it was
    that Amy took off when Sheldon wasn’t looking? I was hoping they would
    have Amy bring it up later in the episode, but they didn’t. Any guesses?

  6. By: 1994glg

    Lets start a round: proton decay.

  7. By: Christopher Bobi

    Penny’s hair is so sexy!

  8. By: PCMasterRacer

    Oh god Richard Feynman as a cat 

  9. By: Abdullah Waseem

    Proton Decay .. Proton Decay .. Proton Decay

  10. By: sir_utakata

    anyone else thought they just where gonna walk away and let shedon think
    it works lol

  11. By: Mats Games

    Does anyonesee the gollem too? Xd

  12. By: Camila Requena

    Great lines. Love it.

  13. By: something to say!!!

    Love the show but still waiting for penny national commercial break through

  14. By: MisMavzuna

    That was the most hilarious episode ever! 

  15. By: helmetless

    Kaley, again, what did you do!!!

  16. By: Jon Hsieh

    1:42 qhat did penny say?

  17. By: Tim Smith

    Penny’s hair has that “No closet can hold me look” and she looks 10 years

  18. By: laila1989ism

    Pennys hair

  19. By: Jeff D


  20. By: Mustafa Al-Samarraie

    ” I love him , but if he is broken , let’s not get a new one” >_< the
    funniest episode for a very long time :) 

  21. By: Butterybiscutbase

    Sheldon’s scream gets me everytime! XD

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