The Big Bang Theory – Teaching Amy A Lesson

Sheldon admits to Bernadette that he really does love Amy. Leonard and Sheldon are brilliant physicists – geniuses in the laboratory, but socially challenged…

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  1. By: Charles Damery

    Think back to when Penny got Sheldon the napkin with Leonard Nimoy’s
    signature and DNA and Sheldon gave her all the gift baskets.

  2. By: azucena4747

    Aww the way Sheldon describes Amy in that loving way!! ❤️❤️

  3. By: david elie

    can i just say, aside from Sheldon’s “plan” and Bernadette singing to the
    radio (which was BTW so funny) this is the first time ever that Sheldon and
    Bernadette did something together with no one else, I found that

  4. By: Lexi Love

    Love that we got to see Sheldon and Bernadette hanging out alone together
    and shopping for a gift for Amy so sweet. Love how Sheldon says Amy’s eyes
    sparkle he is so madly in love now he is so going marry her someday I just
    know it :) Wish we got to see them kiss under the mistletoe that sounded
    so cute.

  5. By: ericka turner

    Yes Bernadette he really does love her <3 <3 #Shamy4Life :) <3 <3 <3

  6. By: EmilieTV

    Awwww when he described Amy was just perfect <3

  7. By: chiefdancingostriche

    i can relate to sheldon. i don’t like christmas either, too pretentious.

  8. By: lar hjp

    Damn, Sheldon is really in love, He has fallen hard for Amy. So sweet. And
    I wish they do more scenes with Sheldon and Bernadette, they have good
    chemistry, especially because Melissa is really tiny and Jim is so
    freacking tall

  9. By: Luna Rose

    I love how Bernadette didn’t bother telling Sheldon that his plan to make
    Amy feel bad by buying her a gift, wasn’t going to have the affect he hoped
    it would….what a smart lady! ;)

  10. By: Kyndra Love

    I love sheldon and Amy so much. They are the best couple on the show. And
    the way he described all the little things he notices about Amy is so
    It just shows that even when Amy thinks he doesn’t notice her, he really
    pays attention to all the little things that makes their relationship cute
    and special….
    Looking forward to more shamy this season

  11. By: 1994glg

    Sheldon and Amy sitting in a tree.

  12. By: Emily Lam

    Shamy was beautiful this episode, but can I just say how much I miss THIS

  13. By: Juliana Cubillos

    Sweetest bastard ever! Jajaja just kidding. I love Sheldon :3 and having
    him doing something with Bernadette was just great.

  14. By: misanthrope8

    Scientists should be celebrating the axial tilt, not Christmas, even
    secular Christmas. Solstice parties abound among rationalists; yet it
    wasn’t brought up. Saturnalia!
    I wanted to go to the Tom Hanksgiving party, though

  15. By: shamy fan

    “her eyes sparkles when she watches old French movies” that is so cute when
    Sheldon said that

  16. By: Deane Aoun

    I love Christmas, the people, the cheer, the food, the music, the gifts,
    and giving, it makes me so happy and golly with everybody, because after a
    whole year of work and school and everything , it’s a season to be happy
    and forget what happened throughout the year, and five days later after
    Christmas you recall the happy days and say goodbye to the year.

  17. By: rjn bon

    Sheldon wears a brown shirt in the car and and blue in the shop.

  18. By: e0o9kii

    Never saw the problem with gift giving. I give presents to people and not
    expect anything in return. 

  19. By: Carlos Orozco

    I miss when Sheldon was a robot, i really hate how the writters destroy
    their character

  20. By: Holly Brown

    i absolutely LOVE Sheldon’s smile when he thinks about Amy! Its the most
    adorable face he has EVER pulled! 😀 😀 😀 

  21. By: Pelu Tutu

    He is different in every way isn’t He, :):):)

  22. By: The Mind Of B

    Boy, I hope I meet a guy who talks about me to others like Sheldon talks
    about Amy. That’ll be a good day.

    …I probably won’t know about it, but it’ll still be a good day. :)

  23. By: angxoxo130

    the height difference between them is kinda cute :) bernadette was even in
    slight heels ;)

  24. By: Dennis Curtis

    Jim Parsons could play a good Peewee Herman at the beginning of this clip
    he made this Peewee type look. Just saying….

  25. By: Luna Rose

    All right Shamy fans who else had their fangirl moment when Sheldon went
    all gooey sweet and loving talking about Amy and admitted to Bernadette
    that he really loves her!! Despite his plan to “ruin” Christmas….

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