The Big Bang Theory – The Anxiety Optimization (Sneak Peek)

In the hopes of achieving a scientific breakthrough, Sheldon invites his friends to challenge him. Meanwhile, Wolowitz invents an embarrassing game about Raj, on The Big Bang Theory, Thursday,…

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  1. By: drew liggins


  2. By: Gareth Cleary


  3. By: Tab Utu

    Im smoking a huge blunt right now. Fuck yeah. 

  4. By: Ishi Jain


  5. By: Charles Damery

    Yes, lines do get crossed between girlfriends/wives and pets. I think we’ve
    all been there.

  6. By: Ctrooper2011

    Too funny for words!

  7. By: MsRandomnotes1

    Can’t wait for this episode:)

  8. By: Franki Selby

    Is Howard making fun of Rajesh? I think it’s because of Emily Sweeney,
    Rajesh’s hot and gorgeous girlfriend, which Howard has a bit of a crush on
    and is trying to steal her like Rajesh was trying to steal Bernadette from
    Howard before Howard got married to her. Cinnamon was a sweet dog. Why
    would she be included in that stupid Rajesh game?

  9. By: Chris Tomson

    What dicks…

    How is it funny to mock someone who cares so much?

    I’m really going off this show because of scenes like this…

  10. By: The Hellfire Club!

    This show is all about ridiculing and demeaning!! It’s most.certainly lost
    its edge. You can tell when a comedy should end because the jokes are
    desperate and repetitive. However, the bullying of Raj from his so called
    best friend is bad taste! Raj deserves to be happy (even with cinnamon).
    Emily is a great character who is beautiful, smart and accepts Raj for who
    he is..unlike Penny! Now we have Bernadette turning into a bully of Howard,
    Penny bullies Leanord and now Howard ridicules Raj in expense of his
    happiness!! It’s sad!

  11. By: M Theory Enthusiast


  12. By: Elizabeth Stone

    Raj is right, though. People can have love their significant others AND
    pets. It’s not challenging if you have a big enough heart. 

  13. By: xela1821046

    Ahahahhaahhaha!!! Poor Raj!!!

  14. By: Mohammad Ridzuan

    Okay guys let’s settle this once and for all, which one of the couples has
    the best kind of relationship? And why? (12 marks)

    I would personally exclude Kuthrapemily as it’s a bit too early to tell.

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