The Big Bang Theory – The Focus Attenuation (Sneak Peek 1)

Amy and Bernadette accuse Penny of being a “buzzkill” after she gets an email from work during their Vegas weekend. Meanwhile, the guys try to invent something cool, but only come up with new…

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  1. By: Ivan West

    Sneak Peek 2 came out before the 1… mind blowing

  2. By: Dayana Chaves


  3. By: Funko Pop

    Great video and SNEAK PEAK!

  4. By: Lexi Love

    They should have given Raj a snappier comeback to what Howard and Sheldon
    said. Like “At least I have the prettiest girlfriend now and she doesn’t
    act like my mother! BOOYAH in your face Beeyotches!” lol

  5. By: Darcy Brummett

    0:18 Good one Sheldon!

  6. By: GiGixx621625

    I have to say, i don’t like Emily…

  7. By: Introvert Legend

    What did Howard mean when he said to Raj : “Well now you have a steady
    girlfriend I figured that you’d have to stay home to lower the food down to
    her in the pit”.

  8. By: The Hellfire Club!

    This clip shows me how things were good. Great banter between the guys.
    Now, it’s all repetitive and stale. I feel that this show is at the stage
    of ending. However, i am glad that Raj finally has a girlfriend. Not just
    any girlfriend but a beautiful, smart and sophisticated one! I am fed up
    with the creators giving all the attention towards Penny!! The most
    horrible, venomous, self-obsessed, arrogant, lame character in the show!
    She treats Leonard like crap all the time! She treats the group like
    crap…uses them to gain her own advantage! I can guarantee that Emily will
    not last long. She will either be written out soon (much like they did with
    Alex and Priya). Or they will make Emily a “horrible ” girl….then Penny
    will most likely “help” Raj see the light then Raj will dump her….thus
    leaving Penny as the only “attractive” one in the group! I hope Emily stays
    and bullies Penny like Penny has bullied Leonard and the group since the

  9. By: anoir trabelsi

    What did Sheldon say at @0:16?

  10. By: Rebecca Meza

    I love the veterinarian better

  11. By: Lee Sin


  12. By: Barney Stinson

    All i can say is this everytime the guys have that to themselves turns out
    to be a famous/one of the best episodes of this new era for example D & D
    and the star wars one. Cant wait for this episode even the barnacle
    approves of tbbt ;)

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