The Big Bang Theory – The Maternal Combustion (Sneak Peek 2)

Personalities collide when Sheldon and Leonard’s mothers finally meet. Meanwhile, Howard finally decides to “man up” and do his fair share of the housework – but not without a little…

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Added on: May 1st, 2015

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  1. By: J Williams

    No-one has commented on this yet? What the frak?!

  2. By: Lexi Love

    See i get it why Bernadette is so “mean” sometimes, she has to put up with
    immature lazy behavior all the time for Howard and the guys. Its unfair
    to her. She’s basically the “mom” of the group, but really she should just
    stop doing all the housework for them and go stay at a hotel with the girls
    and have fun with maid service until Howard’s place gets so unbelievably
    dirty the guys have no choice but to clean it all up themselves or call
    Sheldon over and make him do it cause he absolutely Loves to clean. lol

  3. By: angel espinoza


  4. By: chiefdancingostriche

    time to clean, boys.

  5. By: M Theory Enthusiast

    Good to see Stuart. We havent seen him in awhile

  6. By: Charles Damery

    The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  7. By: mileyrox2754456

    I missed Stuart! 

  8. By: David Ortega

    Man, Bernadette is so hot! 😉 

  9. By: Javier Rosas

    I wonder why a comedy needs to insert a fake laugh every 10 seconds, like
    they do in this one. This show is getting old very quickly

  10. By: RetlocLive

    I guess this is karma for how much Bernadette was a complete biatch this

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