The Big Bang Theory – The Space Probe Disintegration (Sneak Peek 1)

Wolowitz tries to distract Raj, who is anxiously awaiting data from a space probe he helped launch. Meanwhile, Sheldon and Leonard go dress shopping with Penny and Amy, on The Big Bang Theory,.

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Added on: January 8th, 2015

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  1. By: MeSsAgEnu

    “SON OF A BISCUIT!” lol

  2. By: klwnw1

    Son of a biscuit! 

  3. By: Chris Tomson

    There’s social awkwardness, then there’s complete ignorance of your
    supposed “best friend”…

  4. By: alyssa kat xox

    Son of a biscuit :p

  5. By: MsRandomnotes1

    “No wi-fi? Cheese & crackers!”…

  6. By: WhitePearl

    Sheldon swears now? Lmao

  7. By: Livia Ball

    Sooooooo excited!!

  8. By: chiefdancingostriche

    walmart?! i’d rather go shopping with penny and amy.

  9. By: CUfan71

    Son of a biscuit!!! :-D

  10. By: Lexi Love

    I hate that too when I go to stores in the mall most of them are hard to
    get cell phone reception inside the store. I think they do it to keep the
    employees from spending all their time on the phone instead of helping the
    customers, but still it sucks for the the customers too if we want price
    check other stores on our phones inside the store we cant. :( Sheldon and
    Leonard should just go shopping themselves in the electronic store or
    GameStop to pass the time.

  11. By: Joanna Chiang

    love how sheldon is trying to swear by saying son of a biscuit ;)

  12. By: Charles Damery

    I know the feeling, the local transit company dropped their Wi-Fi after the
    police called, the kid porn pervs were following the buses around using
    their Wi-Fi to do downloads.

  13. By: Geoffrey Rhymer

    Son of a biscuit!! Lol

  14. By: The Big Bang Theory Geek

    *Spoiler Alert* – airs tomorrow night USA time. Stop here if you want to be

    *The Space Probe Disintegration*
    S8E12 January 8, 2015 *(SNEAK PEAK)*

    The girls take Leonard and Sheldon shopping while Raj worries about his
    contribution to a space probe operating.

    I think we may have a new Sheldon word!


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  15. By: Bas C

    Son of a biscuit !!!!! ahahahahahaha

  16. By: FiFPro Gamer

    sheldon has 7 letters so does harshal SON OF A BISCUIT illuminati confirmed

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