The Big Bang Theory – The Wolowitz Brothers

Howard discovers he has a half brother. Leonard and Sheldon are brilliant physicists – geniuses in the laboratory, but socially challenged everywhere else. Enter beautiful, street-smart neighbor,…

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  1. By: jake wenderson

    20th view

  2. By: Alexis Rosas

    Dear everybody behind this awesome series; thanks for all the great
    episodes you guys done so far, all the laughs you made me do are
    prieceless, keep on with the great work, and that goes not only the ‘stars’
    of the show but to all the staff behind it. Wolowitz at the end tho lmao

  3. By: deagvb7

    Bernadette’s boobs!!! Wow!!!

  4. By: Domokhunie

    Matt Bennett !!!!

  5. By: Lexi Love

    I’m surprised after Bernadette mentioned a wrecking ball, Raj didn’t make
    some silly ass comment about Miley Cyrus and her wrecking ball. He’s
    maturing! 😀 lol

  6. By: Thomas Clutterbuck

    Bernadette has turned quite nasty I think in this series. She seems to have
    run out of sympathy for a man going through a massive emotional ordeal
    quite quickly, to the point where it’s not even funny. People might
    disagree but whatever, it’s my opinion.

  7. By: Sheldon cooper

    Is howards brother robbie from victorious

  8. By: Sophie Cobain

    Robbie from Nickelodeon? Loving this series! And why is everyone looking at
    Bernadette’s boobs?

  9. By: Lizzy Lou

    Robbie, where is Rex?… Whataya mean that’s another series?

  10. By: Erik Blidner


  11. By: karategal1210

    Bernadette has become such an insensitive character. She wants to destroy
    her husband’s childhood home without caring how he feels. She was so sweet
    in the beginning, but lately she reminds of Monica from Friends.

    I do love that Howard now has a half-brother. No one can replace his
    mother, but hopefully we will find out more about his father as he gets to
    know his brother. 

  12. By: Marcia Schaedler

    For whatever reason this show just isn’t as funny as it used to be. It
    seems a little forced.

  13. By: mc04su

    I hope this means were going to meet Howard’s Dad.

  14. By: NerdLego123

    “your father wasn’t who he said he was, eventually his other life caught up
    with him and he had to leave to protect you and your mother.” So the one
    telling the truth was Penny.

  15. By: Ellie Duffy

    Matt Bennett!!!!!!

  16. By: lexxypexxy

    wow this is…something.

  17. By: Moe Crunch

    Why does it have to be the Nickelodeon kid? 

  18. By: Moe Crunch

    This episode was pretty good but this season is disappointing. They just
    seem too short or the same or something. It’s not as funny as it used to
    be. I don’t quite know but i prefer watching the repeats for the thousandth
    time. I don’t really look forward to them but with Howard having a half
    brother and all it could get better. I miss the mother. Probably one of the
    biggest reasons it seems to feel a bit empty lately. They have just seemed
    to start and finish quick and that I’m watching the same episode as last
    week. I even sometimes check to make sure it’s new and I’m like wow. This
    is original….. 

  19. By: Noonie Manuel

    I think Matt’s history playing lovable-but- nerdy Robbie would make him a
    great fit for BBT.Hope this becomes a recurring role for him! And Mattie,on
    a personal note,”I THINK YOU’RE SWELL”!

  20. By: Dan23 uk

    Thats the actor who played robbie in victorious

  21. By: 0takuGirl

    Matt benette!!!!

  22. By: James Bush

    Holy crap it’s Matt Bennett.

  23. By: princessangel999

    I really hope we get to see more of Wolowitz’s brother!

  24. By: MerlinsDragon1970

    Question? Do any TBBT fans know if actress Kate Micucci will be coming
    back to the show at the end of this season? She was the perfectly cast
    young lady with the social anxiety phobia that Raj was dating and she was
    so nervous that she crawled out of a bathroom window just to avoid him.
    She IS perfect match perfect casting for his character i hope she comes

  25. By: Blazingjumper

    Matt, YES!!!

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