The Big Bang Theory – Ultimate Look Back

Get all caught up on The Big Bang Theory with our Ultimate Look Back recap on CBS! Don’t miss the season premiere on Monday, Sept. 22 at 8/7c. Only CBS! Leonard and Sheldon are brilliant physicist…

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Added on: August 26th, 2014

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  1. By: Hydraulic Zygon


  2. By: Yuchen Cai

    Can’t wait for the new season…

  3. By: Playstation Gamer

    Good season 

  4. By: Gemstone Alchemist

    I’m not sure Sheldon’s coming back.

  5. By: GimlysAxe

    How could you let him GOOOO!!??? Q_Q

  6. By: Richard trujillo

    Best show ever!

  7. By: MsRandomnotes1

    I hope it’s a great season,and I can’t wait to see what happens w/Sheldon &

  8. By: RarelyEvenn

    Missed this show. Can’t wait to see it back.

  9. By: kittensugars

    Hope Sheldon comes home….

  10. By: feeliixx82

    Best series ever!!

  11. By: Jason Lu

    It’s on Mondays now? Whaaat?

  12. By: Ivan Botty


  13. By: Jeff D

    Cant wait 4 the new season……

  14. By: TheTopazChannel

    Poor Amy. ToT

  15. By: Luke Swift

    I love Big Bang but tbh its shit but like not! 

  16. By: Ello M Skrilla

    Last season TBBT played Tug of War with our Hearts and We Lost! Only way to
    even the score is to Watch The New Season All The Way To The End!

  17. By: BiBu

    I remember everything from S01E01 till now. Very excited for the new
    season. I love TBBT. I hope this show will never end.

  18. By: Arrow Lover

    Poor Amy…if someone did that to me i would be really pissed!

  19. By: angel ortiz

    I was really happy for the new season because it aired on my birthday then
    I realized it was a Monday and well you get the rest 

  20. By: Trygve Nordvik

    I would love to go but unfortunatley that spunds awful.. xD i fucking love


    look the kiss of the #Shamy is the best kiss on the history of the tv ♥
    4:20 ♥ __ ♥ Best kiss ever!!! Sheldon is in love with her!!!! ♥

  22. By: Luke Schmidt

  23. By: Pinkdream16

    I wonder what how much is Sheldon going to change with this runaway of his
    .I hope he surprises everyone hopefully in a way that benefits him and Amy
    as well

  24. By: Jasneet Singh

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