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Added on: November 15th, 2014

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  1. By: Warren Weeks

    I love The Carol Burnett Show.. The best..

  2. By: SuperTank

    Perfect casting.

  3. By: SuperTank

    Perfect casting.

  4. By: Mike Bledsoe

    Harvey Korman aka Mr Breakup.

  5. By: TheMeJustMe75

    Tim Conway made me cry as a kid and he makes me cry from laughing as an
    adult. The whole cast was funny.

  6. By: Celeste Gray

    Thank you Coolsweetgroovy

  7. By: dees paradoxfortwo

    I love it when Eunice wigs out at Mama lol

  8. By: Rick Gross

    Eunice and Mama don’t verbally abuse Mickey Hart like they did in
    anniversary sketch. I wouldn’t be surprised if some special interest group
    had complained

  9. By: pocodfe

    When Eunice is screaming at Mama about the “sounds like” signal, even the
    two men are laughing under their hands covering their mouths. Soooo funny!

  10. By: Lorraine StThomas

    Everyone of these episodes..mamas fam and carol burnett…best years of my
    fam life..neva stop posting u guys!!!

  11. By: Manuel Encinias

    thnx for the laghter

  12. By: Carlton Harmon

    One of the all time greats.

  13. By: Keisha James

  14. By: tatum s

    One of my all time favorite shows ever! I was crying from laughing so hard
    watching this clip. Thanks for uploading it :)I miss entertainment like
    this show this so much.

  15. By: 13rrich

    Belly aches! Throat hurts! Eyes tearing! And woke up kids from laughing so
    Flat out hilarious!!!


    I watched this when I was little

  17. By: m&m m&ms

    now this is my all time favorite episode I cant stop laughtin in enjoying
    myself boy boy boy this is too funny

  18. By: Frankie Drummond

    This had me laughing so hard… I was crying… Too funny

  19. By: Joi Jackson Perle

    “Mama get the lead out, will ya??” LOL!

  20. By: Tiffany B

    This was hilarious! I love these skits!

  21. By: thomas schmitz

    fall down, can’t breathe, eyes crying hilarious! when i was a kid and even
    now years later as a adult! TRULY CLASSIC ALL OF THESE EUNICE SKITS!!!!!!
    burnett, lawrence, korman and conway are true LEGENDS! they should show
    this show and these skits everyday everywhere (along with the best of i
    love lucy episodes!) to bring humor and laughter to everyone! it should be
    like a national ‘spot” and a national law to show this to bring laughter to
    our lives and a sense of class/decency back to our media obsessed lives and
    unfortunately large parts of negativity world…..

  22. By: Ana Rodriguez

    I love all of her shows, wish we had this type of writing these days, low
    budget writing with these reality shows, no comparison…

  23. By: Ralph Smith

    It was funny 40 years ago and it’s funny as hell now! 

  24. By: orlandotj1

    I think Eunice might be bipolar.

  25. By: Arianna Paletta

    i can’t fathom how eunice gets “her hair” like that…. and her shoes!

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