The Carol Burnett Show – the family – Monopoly

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  1. By: candorcontinued

    I’m a huge Mama’s Family fan, but I find Mama in the CB sketches to be way
    too OTT, cantankerous, unlikable and one-note. In her own show she had
    much more depth.

  2. By: Patricia Munoz

    LOL I used to cheat or borrow money from the bank xD

  3. By: ohwell94

    OMG!!Monopoly was a war waiting to happen in my house growing up!a)No
    matter if it was 2ppl or 6 there never seemed to be 2 ppl who followed the
    same set of rules b)there was always some zealot faithful to the rules who
    just had to drag out the rules and insisted following them to the letter
    but everybody played by their own anyway confusing the he’ll out of
    everyone else c)There was always some wise guy playing banker who fancied
    themselves as a Wall Street banker yet could not add
    Geez 1/2 way thru they game I don’t think anyone was even speaking to each
    other lolAny other game was bonding time but Monopoly? Forget it pmsl

  4. By: Kitti Katastrophe

    in monopoly, there is no winner.

  5. By: drsebastian

    Thanks for sharing this!

  6. By: Julie Robb

    Mama needn’t cut up her son-in-law for ‘always being broke’…I’d say Ed’s
    hardware store must be doing pretty good if he can afford a Rolex Oyster
    Perpetual… lol!!

  7. By: C. Adele Williams

    In flashbacks,mama only has three kids..Ellen,Vint,and Eunice. However,in
    this skit,there is also a Phillip??I don’t this a flaw?

  8. By: janis smith

    lmao yep got to get park place and boardwalk lol

  9. By: markxxx21


  10. By: Milton754

    I love the reaction of Eunice when she landed on boardwalk. I could not
    stop laughing because I used to do the same thing. Took me back many years.

  11. By: ravenwda007

    Park Place and Boardwalk are one of the worst properties. The best ones are
    Light Blue, Orange, and Red.

  12. By: Riley West

    I remember the first time I got Boardwalk & ParkPlace in the same game. I
    am pretty dang sure I acted just the same way Carol Burnett did :) totally
    the best show ever 

  13. By: Nick Mathews

    Who ever likes the game Monopoly please watch this!

  14. By: m&m m&ms

    Mama got dogged out in talk to any kinda way on here….

  15. By: m&m m&ms

    Kmsl she went bankrupted

  16. By: Joe Bones

    The best thing about these skits is how you have to feel for Eunice.

  17. By: sha11235

    They could’ve also done Clue.

  18. By: sha11235

    To answer that question: You do NOT have to wait until your turn to
    purchase houses and hotels. You can do it in between turns.

  19. By: sha11235

    Is the Western Blazing Saddles?

  20. By: Bruce Shepard

    The only thing I see that a player can buy something out of turn is when a
    player lands on a property and doesn’t buy it, other players can bid for
    it. I’m sure someone can’t just do anything they want out of turn. That’s
    kind of rude.

  21. By: memorystar 72

  22. By: Jasmine Alcala

    I love the family skits. If you can find anymore family sketches I would
    love to see them! Especially a clear version of
    the restaurant” :)

  23. By: Keith Evers

    To all the people who are wondering, it took me some time to finally get it
    down, but I have finally done it. Done what, you ask? I have finally
    figured out what Eunice said while being outside in the rain after losing
    at Monopoly, word for word. She said, “Listen, world! Eunice has lost at
    Monopoly again! And who the hell ever said that Boardwalk and Park Place
    are the best properties on the board?”

  24. By: Benwah DaRappa

    St. Charles Place plus nine puts her on Free Parking, not Kentucky Avenue;
    that would take a roll of ten, unless they’re playing with some sort of
    house rule(s).

  25. By: Richard Carrier

    After several nasty games of Monopoly – it is pretty much officially banned
    from my house.

    I have a friend who jokingly refers to it as “Satan in a box.” – LOL!

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