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  1. By: 3dartistguy

    incredable self control with Vicki Lawrence after Eunice yelled at her
    after she screamed, “it was a seven!”

  2. By: gdwriter

    IT WAS A SEVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. By: Dubya L

    how Vicky Lawrence uttered those words without cracking up is beyond me,
    because I couldn’t stop laughing at all. 

  4. By: Honey360Bee

    You know I’ve never noticed how controling Eunice is.

  5. By: Bonnie Davidson

    What did Eunice mouth to the camera before Mama say,”You’re playing hockey
    with a warped puck”?

  6. By: Daniel Selk

    “IT WAS A *SEVEN*!!!” XD 

  7. By: SymphonyBrahms

    “That’s all you ever get for me is kitchen appliances ’cause that’s all I
    ever do around here is housework!”
    “You’d never know it!”

  8. By: Sunflower0122Z

    Reminds me of Sarah Palin’s family come to think of it. Only difference
    this family is not drunk.

  9. By: patrick m

    It’s funny how Ed and Momma tag team Eunice

  10. By: Jane hudson

    Eunice’s house isn’t dirty, which Mama bitches about ad nauseum, so much as
    it’s been decorated by the Salvation Army.

  11. By: raz7573

    Love this episode! Thanks for posting!

  12. By: Tom Nelson

    THANK YOU! These are GREAT! 

  13. By: Marvin G. Harden

    For your funny bone, #CarolBurnett with #MamaFamily classic game of

  14. By: lisaann1213

    I love Carol and Vicky!!!!!! Eunice is so hateful, yet Mama just gives it
    back to her!!!!!! Mama’s housedress is a ckassic!!!!!! I love it!!!!

  15. By: Rowan Smith

    Carol once said that she never wrote these sketches as funny. If you take
    away the funny voices and costumes and play this serious: it’s pretty

  16. By: Darrel Ervin

    “You’ve got splinters in the windmill of your mind.
    You’re playing hockey with a warped pucked”

  17. By: NatashaY94

    I always felt a bit sorry for Eunice. Sure she was a pill, but who wouldn’t
    be if they had to spend all of their time with Mama? Mama treated Eunice
    like dirt. The sketches with “darling Ellen” are a prime example of this.

  18. By: NatashaY94

    Vicky had the best ad libs.

  19. By: Chris Nata

    Trouble was a lot better of a game.

  20. By: Keith Evers

    10:16 – 10:22 I can see Ed saying, “You already done wipe this smile off of
    my face during our wedding night, so don’t even bother…”

  21. By: Blaire von Salem

    I love the way they were trying so hard not to laugh–way to break the
    forth wall. lol I think that makes it so much more funnier. (not that it
    wasn’t completely hilarious before).

  22. By: Scarlett Anderson

    IT WAS A 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. By: karlakor

    You knew Mama would eventually say something about “that dried-out pot

  24. By: John Lang

    Best line: “IT WAS A SEVEN!!!!!!!!!!”…..Eunice (Carol)

  25. By: LAtvFan

    Just noticed the beer cans change brands. 6:25 and 14:10.

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