The Carol Burnett Show – Tudball and Wiggins – Mr. Tudball vs. The Coffee Machine

This sketch gets major points for Tim and Harvey’s corpsing. Enjoy! I do not own any of the footage or music featured. All rights are reserved and belong to …

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Added on: January 11th, 2015

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  1. By: elevenses9s11sH5s11s

    This might be an Irish Coffee-machine looooooooolloooooooool guarded by an
    Irish officer. looooooooolloooooooool


    can’t stop watching this one……………gotta be my fav! Thanks so much
    for sharing!!

  3. By: Steven Scott

    0:37 Has anyone noticed Mr. Tudball’s vest is a bit small for him? I LOVE
    it when they try to make each other laugh! 04:37 Is that what’s called a
    “Full-Nelson”? Where does this take place that they’ve hired an ARMED
    security guard?

  4. By: octoberlassie

    One of my absolute favourite sketches from this show! Harvey and Tim were
    gold together!

  5. By: kobeno1

    Korman and Conway…best comedy duo ever!

  6. By: Frank Cabanski

    Believe it or not you a smart a alecx Mr. Tudaball deals with very
    sensitive information. So of course they need an armed guard,

  7. By: ReyaitheShadowWolf

    Well-a look-a Blue Knight…

  8. By: SuperFanficwriter

    They both had trouble keeping a straight face on this one!

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