The Carol Burnett Show – Went with the wind

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  1. By: CaptainRetroStation

    At around 14:55 when everyone is cracking up while Harry is carrying Carol
    up the stairs, you can hear her say to Harvey between her
    laughing/screaming, “Just keep going!” I think Harvey was about to drop her
    laughing then! LOL!

  2. By: Mary Smithson

    Harvey Korman’s Clark Gable is spot on.

  3. By: kimdkus

    THat is the best skit ever. I’ll never forget seeing this the first time on
    TV and Carol dressed in the curtains and walking down those stairs.

  4. By: Nissi210

    Oh gosh, I remember how my daughter and I watched this show and laughed
    until we almost cried. The funniest scenes were always when the cast tried
    desperately not to laugh at Tim Conway. Thank you Annie Cs.

  5. By: Tiana Smith

    What wind?
    *plays music*
    That sure is pretty but it doesn’t answer my question, 

  6. By: Nasir Hussain

    Acts like these without FXs and All….. falling off the wooden stairs,
    hands coming out of the door, even if its cardboard, picking up women by an
    old man with tons of clothes on her … that hurts man :) hats off

  7. By: buddy51

    One of the funniest 20 minutes of all time.

  8. By: Missy Rabbit

    one of the best skits ever!

  9. By: Auburn Sandstrom

    In tears laughing at this all these years later. And I saw it back in the
    day. The dresses the ladies are wearing in the beginning are really

  10. By: Gayle Angels and Angles

    A marvelous program that ran for years and years. It was must see t.v.
    Virtually every one in this country watched. It was decent, quality
    programming. A great variety show. Families could sit down and watch it
    together and not have to worry about the content of the program nor
    about ridiculous, inappropriate commercials. 

  11. By: Kimberly Hendricks

    Vicki Lawrence is fantastic. I love her accompanying high pitched serenade
    while Carol is making her Tara speech.

  12. By: A D R I A N L.

    if you can’t watch the whole skit….skipped over to 13:13 to see the
    CLASSIC dress Scarlet made out of her curtains

  13. By: Micah Kaminer

    always will b my fav skit by them

  14. By: Not-Homesick NG

    This and The Muppet Show. Never missed an episode of either one.

  15. By: S Fri

    I’m writing a report on the historical inaccuracies of Gone with the Wind,
    and just for kicks I’ll put this video at the top of the bibliography. Both
    curtain dresses are, frankly, splendid!

  16. By: Melonie Zappa

    I came for the curtain rod dress. I saw a commercial on TV to buy the
    series and saw that clip and just about died. That is my ultimate favorite
    of her.

  17. By: Debera Daniel

    O-M-G! I remember watching this skit as a kid.
    It is as hilarious as ever!
    I’ve never forgotten the dress she made out of curtains!
    Thanks for uploading it!

  18. By: Chantell Denham

    The Dress, I love the freaking dress

  19. By: Stu VS

    Dinah Shore! Looked like a lady, partied like a rascal. She had her own
    show and was quite famous in her own right. Dated Burt Reynolds for a while
    (would love my Cosmo avatar) and the Rat Pack came, as did all the A-List
    Hollywood cool, to her Palm Springs home for her parties. 

  20. By: taurnguard

    Wait.. what? At 6:31 “Lie, steat, and cheal..” lol

  21. By: Nathaniel Niebuhr

    I got to tell this is one of my favorite Carol Burnett show sketches!

  22. By: Angie Condon

    Lol carol burnett is funny is shit.

  23. By: Angie Condon

    This shit be having me crying

  24. By: Gábor Vág

    As I always say, you can make really good sketch, parod only out of some
    great material. And this is one of the most hilarious parodies ever, based
    on one of the best movies ever made. 

  25. By: Larry Diaz

    One of the funniest variety shows ever on TV !!! 

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