Time Life – Carol Burnett Talks About Her “Went With the Wind” Sketch

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Added on: March 12th, 2015

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  1. By: JudyGarlandRulez152 .

    This is so brilliant.

  2. By: Carolburnett DvdisSCAM

    Never buy from Carol Burnett DVD . Com they will SCAM you , check reviews,
    paypal don’t like the & notice they don’t even have a phone number on the

  3. By: StarVista Entertainment, Time Life

    This is true. They are a complete scam and rip off. We’ve tried to have
    them shut down, but unsuccessfully. Our DVDs are full licensed and ensure
    the original creators get their due.

  4. By: Karlee Bradbury

    I love this woman and I LOVE this sketch!

    #carolburnett #gonewiththewind 

  5. By: Stu VS

    But who wrote the line “…I saw it in a window and couldn’t resist it”
    that line places the visual so perfectly. It’s right up there with Rob
    Reiner’s (real) mom, in her diner cameo in “When Harry Met Sally”
    delivering Billy Crystal’s impromptu “I’ll have what she’s having” -as a
    brilliant bit of writing genius.

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