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When we were this girl’s age, we could barely pronounce the state we lived in — let alone knew where it was on a map. In the funny baby video above, a toddler does the smarty pants dance after…

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Added on: April 18th, 2015

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  1. By: Aceisb1

    I would have failed at this XD

  2. By: America's Funniest Home Videos

    Us either ;/

  3. By: Kayli R

    Why does the man talking sound like Dan from Roseanne to me? Lol.

  4. By: America's Funniest Home Videos

    Now that you say that…He kinda does!

  5. By: Hong Sun Park

    Good dad.

  6. By: AM2Fye

    So adorable and so smart, i would want her with me on a road trip!!

  7. By: QueenMustache

    they should bring her back and do a “where are they now”!!! ~Alisibeth

  8. By: Seth Pufahl

    She’s so beautiful and her dad is so smart what a great dance along with it

  9. By: ~Blue★Peach~

    My fav part is when she does the Smarty Pants Dance.

  10. By: Zainab Abdulatif

    Her father is so smart! and the little girl is so cuteee!

  11. By: Christian K

    This girl is so smart, same with that Dad. #awesome.

  12. By: MarioMarioBW

    My teacher is the man in the background, and he told me to say something
    for extra credit: “I wish he was my dad,” but not in public because I am a
    smarty, mainstream ‘pants.’

  13. By: Nunawish

    What a cute girl and smart dad

  14. By: France Asmar

    This young and knows all the states wow her dad must be A very intelligent
    man if I was a judge at that show I would give them a million dollars 

  15. By: johnnybgood

    Seen this last night on AFV on the $100,000 grand prize show. They should
    have won it

  16. By: Madison Niblett

    My friend always brags how she knows the smarty pants dance and I don’t!!!!

  17. By: Theo Sewell Jr

    She’s doing good learning early

  18. By: littleblondemop

    I love this video! She is so, so cute and such a little smarty. Dad is
    smart too and is doing a great job. I’d love to see what they’re up to now
    too. I wish I knew if the original video is on youtube.

  19. By: Lucas G

    Precious! When ever I’m having a bad or long day, I just watch this video
    and all my cares and worries just go away. Love it!

  20. By: Diane Burdge

    what a cutie pie… both having fun and learning..

  21. By: kendallslife

    Cutest little girl ever! So smart they should have won the 100,000! Her dad
    is teaching her we’ll!

  22. By: DevinCJ Martin

    This is so funny! She is a lot more smart than me. Good work Mr. Finneran!
    Can’t wait to meet her someday. It would be an honor. See you tomorrow. : )

  23. By: Guadalupe Alicea

  24. By: Snigdha VA

    What an adorable and smart kid! And that dance omg awwwww!

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