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Added on: October 7th, 2014

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  1. By: MashupZone

  2. By: Genius Psycho

    leonberger is bigger than bullmastiff

  3. By: Genius Psycho

    caucasian shepherd is georgian dog 

  4. By: Savolia Johnson

  5. By: Leonard Booms

    you totally missed the great dane

  6. By: Sofia-Olina Tsoraklidou

    you forgot the great dane

  7. By: Makenna Cowan

    Umm hello! Great Danes? They’re obviously bigger than all of these!!! And
    Bernese mountain dogs are bigger than Rottweilers moron. 

  8. By: Emmy T

    Hold it hold it great danes are obviously the biggest dog dummy!

  9. By: Braden Haggart

    Um, English mastiffs, Great Danes, both were missing. My mastiff weighs 200
    pounds, an a great dane would be like 180.

  10. By: Judelle Talaid

    Can you make a smallest dog too?

  11. By: Judelle Talaid

    You missed the great danes duh!

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