Top 10 Funny Dogs & Cats Compilation 2014

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Added on: August 20th, 2014

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  1. By: funfunnycomic

  2. By: sala Fing

    at 4:16 the dog is just like “fml”

  3. By: Dead Bunny

    first 1 was not funny!!! the wittle doggie could of’ drowm!!! and you
    kittyin me? I wish you would go away cause that frikin doggie could of
    die!!! do you want that? huh!?! I thought so…

  4. By: Mslovelyshot

    The little Boston Terrier puppy sleeping was so sweet ♥

  5. By: ♣ Action YouTube ♣

    #dogs #cats #funny 

  6. By: Queen Zeynup

    Fisrt one not funny!!!

  7. By: TheSmaxZonedElite

    2:39 – Genius! 

  8. By: Charlie Weibel

    At the end did the cat get out

  9. By: KatOfTheAli

    Pretty good. The very last one, wow, if it wasn’t enough that the cat
    squeezed into the hamster ball, it plays with its tail, too! The dog that
    was dragging its back legs on the ground – the owners should get him/her
    checked for worms.

  10. By: Hayley Wesley

    Ha ha ha very funny vids :-D

  11. By: Noelia Elli Sanchez

    The first one wasn’t funny and the doggie at the stairs wasn’t funny either

  12. By: RayLoves Pandas

  13. By: Sergio Medina


  14. By: Brendan Yoder

    Eww dogs are so grosssss $sssss

  15. By: Zaelyn Dayvon

    you crazy dogs not gross

  16. By: Cintia Ruiz

    So funny and cute

  17. By: Ahmed Nabil

    2:30 nice posture!

  18. By: mart jones

    jtgbugbuhj no no no

  19. By: mario lionetto


  20. By: Lillian Mejicanos

    Caramel cat ha ha ha on nom nom

  21. By: Ellie Smith


  22. By: Wayne Traff

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  23. By: jerek nolasco


  24. By: Joanne Sabourin

    Wish to button would say Love!

  25. By: zariita33

    The dog praying <3 

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