Ultimate Dog Tease

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Added on: October 11th, 2014

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  1. By: Lucas Burgers

    Is this real? Can he talk?

  2. By: olivia gunsallus

  3. By: Tiffao 티파니

    I used to do this to my dog. XD
    +Lacey Kornicki
    Ultimate Dog Tease

  4. By: Dimitri Vasileiou

    Share it, a great laugh that will make your day,

    Ultimate Dog Tease

  5. By: K Muller

    Me and my daughter rolled around laughing at this . THIS IS GREAT

  6. By: romcomfan

    This is fake. Dogs don’t talk

  7. By: CharlieDaDog

    Probably one of the best videos of all times! :) :) Could watch it again
    again and again :) 

  8. By: Mauzy

    Help me and my friends put a stop to dog eating by voting! please I know we
    can make a differences!

  9. By: garvnair

    how do you make a masterpiece like this!

  10. By: Jordan Hawker

    *Ultimate Dog Tease*

    Don’t do this…this is mean!

    #Funny #TalkingDog #Bacon 

  11. By: Bestwish Smile


  12. By: Eddie smith


  13. By: Joy Bauer

    How adorable is this “talking” dog?! Awwwww!


  14. By: Stormy Angel

    *Leaving you with something sweet and FUNNY tonight, Have a goodnight :-)*

  15. By: Michael Best

    I crack up everytime I see this!

  16. By: Val Daves

    +robert manis have you seen this one?? Lmao!! Ultimate Dog Tease:

  17. By: Micah Snow

    This is hilarious

  18. By: Mountain Angel

    This is so funny :)) :))) 

  19. By: Borja Saavedra Ramirez

    Wait… 161Million views and only Miley Cyrus in the world?
    You came like a hacker ball!

  20. By: Metal Monkey

    How can 14k people not like this?

  21. By: Linda Whittle

    Ultimate Dog Tease: http://youtu.be/nGeKSiCQkPw i love this dog video

  22. By: Shell B

    I watch this constantly he is the most beautiful dog the guys voice suits
    him perfectly.

  23. By: Skin Apeel Day Spa

    A little “Too cute Tuesday”

    Ultimate Dog Tease

  24. By: Sarah Moh

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