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These pranks will blind you with science! Mad science that is! Check out our wackiest mad scientists doing the wackiest pranks! Don’t miss another Gag – Subscribe!: http://goo.gl/wJxjG Gags…

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Added on: January 19th, 2015

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  1. By: Plush Toy

    Супер))) Просто лучший выпуск))))) Ахахаха))) Взорванный дед – просто

  2. By: Steve Martin


  3. By: Omar Ashraf

    Totally fake reactions , when the guy pops out of the “time machine” it
    still says 2010

  4. By: Half Man/Half Amazing ALL BEAST!!!

    Game day!!! Woop woop!!! Go Patriots!!! Go Packers!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  5. By: Piramerd Arete

    ultra funny, hilarious, really! 

  6. By: Gust Gost

    Jesus isn’t real 

  7. By: Skeletor Jopko

    Aww, no tourism Quebec ad at the end? I actually miss those.

  8. By: a0ag2

    الفشار ناقصله ملح

  9. By: Yana Sinz

    7:52 As if there’s a fucking guy in the engine pouring popcorn..

  10. By: Duh Enlightened One

    These were all very dangerous gags, but I’ve been very busy organizing and
    preparing for the 2nd Annual Comment-con 2015. We’re expecting 200
    million people to attend and there will be pancakes. Click the YES button
    to attend and invite as many guests as you want

  11. By: CrismaFire

    This is by far the best one.

  12. By: Just For Laughs Gags

    Who said science and comedy don’t go together? Today’s “best of” brings you
    the funniest pranks mad scientists could ever pull! Trust us, you’ll love
    science a lit more after this! http://bit.ly/1IT3NEU

  13. By: Torbax

    These are great haha! why haven’t I see them before ;P They are totally

  14. By: spinout3


  15. By: marco Alcaraz

    The laughs are on annoying

  16. By: IAmSamThatIAM

    It a be more convincing if it was a pod instead of the elevator. You
    could’ve done the same methods with the pod facing the wall, like Stewie’s
    pod in family guy. 

  17. By: markknopflerfan1988

    What a fucking stupid bullshit 

  18. By: TheDutchAssessor

    Great pranks! The third one was legendary, especially because some people
    seemed to believe it :)

  19. By: Miami Ninja

    Is it just me or has this already been shown? Usually it shows the
    locations between clips, but this is an older version… and the outro has
    different font…

  20. By: Marco R.

    Can you put the links to the videos you suggest at the end in the info box,
    please? Usually when I watch one of your videos I watch also the following
    ones, but with mobile phone is annoying to write the title on the research
    I’m sorry, my English surely isn’t perfect. Thanks for the attention, bye!

  21. By: verizondsl100

    canada seems way better then america from watching all these pranks it
    seems that everybody has a sense of humor an get along so well… that’s
    just my observation…. love you guys been watching you vids for a very
    long time

  22. By: PrankandSpank

    These pranks were wacky =p

  23. By: Honeybadger Don't Care

    Damn that chic in the first clip is fine.

  24. By: iter68

    0:25 the math behind was just high school math lol

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