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Submited by: crewman6

Category: Pranks and Jokes

Added on: February 2nd, 2015

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  1. By: Multieman

    Why are most of the fugitives black? Fucking racist. 

  2. By: ZobsterZombie

    Why were people laughing seeing a most wanted fugitive disguised as a cow?
    I would have freaked, wouldn’t you?

  3. By: Huub2003

    Help me om 250 subs tekrijgen

  4. By: Egemen Çetin

    Still click ear

  5. By: Clash Of Clans | Matt

    i never understood why they dnt put in audio

  6. By: MMQuck

    Last girl is cute af.

  7. By: Ultra Aslan

    Omg worst pranks i hate jfl

  8. By: swaxTV

    snitches get stitches 

  9. By: Chris Good

    Unfortunately the cops United States of shooting for this or they resent
    you for making a false report there’s no sense of humor my country anymore
    it pisses me off they’re all assholes but I definitely enjoy your company
    but please do not try in the Usa

  10. By: Gilbert Odchimar

    I’ve seen this before that was 2011 I think. Did you guys repost this? I
    remember this in TV on Disney Channel.

  11. By: Enes

    And now: *come on people who are talking about*: Religion, his life and how
    dumb people are !

    But notice one: no one like this comments !

  12. By: Chris Paulitics


  13. By: Leo Pasha

    Все стукачи поголовно.

  14. By: Honeybadger Don't Care

    God damn snitches man… This clip is more of a lesson about trust than a
    comedy skit.

  15. By: Just For Laughs Gags

    You’re right. When you see us you should RUN! That’s why today’s best of is
    all about FUGITIVES! Thought you could escape us? Think again!

  16. By: Uncle Bernard

    If they were black they wouldnt snitch in the cows (joke)

  17. By: jonah tucker

    racist snitches it the guy was white they would shut up

  18. By: misa348

    I cant click to the animations :-( but good video =D

  19. By: PHStudiosNL

    Am I the only one who’s amazed about the fact that jfl is using 60fps?

  20. By: youkilledkiller22

    “And if you want to watch MY favourite gags, click here. [as it shows woman
    in a trunk] I have MUCH better taste! *seriousface*”

  21. By: Gust Gost

    Just noticed how most of the fugitives are black, not accusing anyone of
    racism, I was just pointing it out 

  22. By: Beeper Boo

    Jfc this annoing dumb arse girl in the end aaaahhh plz

  23. By: pryt86

    Everyone ratted them out. Gotta love people

  24. By: Alena 4Fall

    Then is it okay for me to ask why are most serial killers white? 

  25. By: PrankandSpank

    I’m the most wanted in Canada but no prison wants an idiot like me. 

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